Event: 2010 Listen to the CNBlue Mini Live & Fan meeting

Place: Press conference & fan sign at Discovery Plaza / Mini Live Show at Royal Paragon Hall 3

2010.09.10 Press conference & fansign




Unlucky me, I got JungShin signage. I missed YongHwa T_T  Oppps…sorry JS bias. ㅋㅋㅋ

2010.09.11 – 2010 Listen to the CNBlue Mini Live


Only 1 picture I took in concert by mobile phone (Because they swop the location ).

Special time for Blue Boys. We, Thai Boice, have celebration cake for them. It’s for “1 year Anniversary & Happy Birthday JungShin” (His birthday will be in few day later)


More gifts from BlueAngels are Thai Traditional Musical Instrument. I’m not sure if they took all back to Korea. At least, YongHwa play this Thai Flute when they went to the hall for the rehearsal. He made us happy 🙂

I departed Thailand to Europe after mini live show in Thailand. My departure time was nearly same CNBlue schedule, gate also near C and D. So, I can say goodbye to them.


I don’t know why Yong changed his shirt. He love polka dot more than strip? kkk.