2011.04.04 CNBLUE CF shooting for Scotch Puree’ 10 Berry

Place: Moon Star Studio

Blue boys again visited Thailand for CF shooting. This time is for Scotch Puree’ 10 Berry.





First day, they had a good relaxing time with Thai massage and had Suki “MK” for Dinner.

Next day, they had CF shooting in studio all day till late night. They had dinner at Korean restuarant. My sister accidentally had dinner at private room 2F next to their room! She called me and took some photos for me. ke ke ke. I think it’s JungShin back, right?


It will be creepy if I showed you the table of them (She also took photo for me. ha ha)

Last day, They were in studio all day. JungShin & JongHyun have Dinner at Buffet restuarant near my office while YongHwa & MinHyuk had dinner at hotel. I don’t know why.



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