CNBlue officially visited Thailand for “Scotch Puree’ 10 Berry promotion event” after CF shooting around 1 month. This event was held at Supreme complex. It’s very small place but it’s Scotch’s company building. I’m the one of lucky customer was selected to attend promotion in VIP seat. Other fanclubs can see this event any place around the complex (but it’s very very small, poor boice!)

They arrived on 9 May. Lots of Boices were there.



At Supreme complex,



Press interview;


Product representaive; CNBlue












It’s near JongHyun birthday 15 May.

So we printed “HBD ♥ JH” (Happy Birth Day ♥ JongHyun) for him.


But YongHwa said “I thinks it’s Havard (하버드)”  = =”


He said “I will be 22”