2011.09.09 LeeHongKi in BKK

LeeHongKi, FT Island, went to Bangkok for CF shooting. It’s not announced product yet. I went to see him at airport. He’s very cute and friendly. He waved his hand to FC around the hall.




After he left airport by van he twit this.

@skullhong "태국 도착 고마워 태국프리들"
[แปลทวิตฮงกิ] "ถึงประเทศไทยแล้วครับ ขอบคุณพรีมาดอนน่าไทยทุกคนนะครับ"
[Translation] "Arrived in Thailand. Thank you, Thai Primadonnas"

How lucky you are! Primadonna. Hongki is cute and give much love & care tou you.

JongHoon also twit in Thai! that night. So cute JongHoon. kkk.

@FtGtJH "ผมก็อยากไปเมืองไทยเหมือนกันครับ :)"
[Translation] "I want to go to Thailand also krub :)"

He backed to Korea on late 11 Sep. night.

He twit to Thai Primadonna as well ^^

@skullhong "아이고 아침부터공항와준 분들 정신없었죠 미안 쏘뤼 조심히들어가고 즐거운추석보냅시다"
[แปลทวิตฮงกิ] ""คนที่มาสนามบินแต่เช้า ดูยังไม่มีสติกันเลย โทษนะครับ ขอให้เดินทางอย่างระมัดระวัง และมีความสุขกับเทศกาลชูซ็อกนะครับ"
[Translation] "Aigoo, those of you who came to the airport early in the morning must be feeling dazed. Sorry, sorry. Go back safely and have an enjoyable Chuseok."

Today, he retwit this pic!! OMG! HongKi, Primadonna will love you more and more. Trust me.

"@nabihaesbich: @skullhong Primadonna Thailand http://pic.twitter.com/fLG7CDg"봤어요^^
[แปล] "เห็นแล้วครับ"



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