2011.10.15 B1A4 BigCola 1st Fan Meet & Greet

My friend asked me to join B1A4 1st Fan Meet&Greet in Thailand.
I really don’t know much about them. Anyway, I decided to join.
The ticket was 50% discount that day because it’s not fulled.
They’re still very new group for Thai fan. They still have limited fan club.
I was very surprised why Big Cola selected them to be presenter.
By the way, I found they are very cute and have much talent.
They’re still young. They will be more popular in the future and get more successful.

All photos & clip took by my IPhone. It’s not good.IMG_1875 WIMG_1877 IMG_1900 WIMG_1948 

WIMG_1956 WIMG_1957 WIMG_1958






They tried to speak Thai. kkk. They’re so cute.

Shin Woo: ไปเกาหลีกันเถอะ  (Pai-Kao-Ree-Kun-Ter) = Let’s go to Korea.
Gong Chan: ผมน่ารักไหมครับ (Pom-Na-Rak-Mai) = Am I cute?
Jin Young: อย่าลืมผมนะ (Ya-Luem-Pom-Na) = Don’t forget me
San Deul: รักนะครับ (Rak-Na-Krub) = I love you.
Baro: ไทยบานาน่ารักครับ (Thai-Bana-Na-Rak-Krub) = Thai Bana is very cute.

Bye Bye

cr: pingbook.com

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