2012.01.07-08 BlueStorm in Hongkong

CNBlue started their Asia tour at Hongkong on 7th-8th January 2012.
(It should be Thailand on 19 November 2011 but it’s postponed to 25 February 2012 because of flooding crisis in Bangkok)

Because of postponement for over 2 months, I decided to go to Hongkong. I can book ticket for 8th only because ticket for 7th was sold out in few hours!! Anyway, I tried to find the ticket exchange in many sites. Finally I can get ticket! Thanks Lilian HKBoice!

First day, I had a great seat at the center of hall. I can see YH clear and close enough. This is much more rock concert than I expect. They spin their head since first song!!! Everybody stand up without any word from Blue boys.

Concert had 3 parts same as Bluestorm in Seoul (with Orchestra in session 2 also). They use DBS, Hongkong middle school Orchestra. I love this part as always.

Jungshin sing ‘You’ve fallen for me’ again. I thinks he improves a lot. Minhyuk sing ‘Star’ again. Lovely part!

They speak Cantonese which I don’t understand. But I can understand their English, their English skill much improve also.

1st day concert is under standard (same as BS in Seoul). Sound mixing is poor. And YH’s voice is not quite good. JH has many mistake when he had guitar solo. But I really enjoy YH rock style. kkk He spin his head and jump all the times.

2nd day is perfect! Talk script is same, it makes me laugh when Minhyuk said “Keybordnist”. He has a mistake pronunciation both days! Is it script also? kkk. Jungshin sing ‘You’ve fallen for me’ again but Minhyuk was forced by leader to sing 2nd phrase too. It’s special!

I’m not sure how many times they said ‘I love Hongkong!’ Envy you, HKBoice! Hope they say ‘I love Bangkok’ or ‘I love Thailand’ on February too. 🙂

Lots of souvenirs I got from HKBoice. Many thanks. You’re very kind.

Only one thing I don’t appreciate is “Clapper”. It’s very beautiful but it’s very noisy. I think it may effect to sound control also because organizer announces to avoid using during performance. But it can’t be controlled.


Some clip from me & my friend, AppelRella.

Song list;

  1. Intuition
  2. Ready n Go (Kor)
  3. Voice
  4. Love Girl
  5. Love Revolution
  6. Geuriyo 그래요
  7. I will forget You (Kor)
  8. Star
  9. Y, Why – Orchestra
  10. Love comes with the rain – Orchrestra
  11. I Miss you – Orchestra
  12. Just please
  13. One time
  14. I don’t know why (Kor)
  15. Tattoo – New arrange
  16. Let’s go crazy (Eng)
  17. Now or Never (Eng)
  18. Never too late (Eng)
  19. In my Head (Jap)


  • I’m a Loner – Burning version
  • Love
  • You’ve fallen for me
  • Love Light – Rock version

Encore 2:

  • Try again, smile again

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