2012.02.24 BlueStorm in Bangkok [Press conference]

Finally they came, after long time waiting since November last year. BS in BKK postponed because of Flooding problem in Thailand. So, it’s more than 6 months after they came to Bangkok last time. I miss them so much.

On 24 Feb., I went to airport to see them. Direct flight from Japan landed before schedule I almost missed them. I’m very worry that they will be tired because of long fanclub tour in Japan. But I underestimated them! They all look happy. JS waved his hand with big smile along the way to van. MH also smiled like every times. I didn’t notice JH although he outed first because he had mask. I though he sick. Finally, YH came the last. He smiled and carried many gift from fan. My friend was inside, she told me that he smiled and took gift from fan along the way!! OMG!


They had press conference at late afternoon that day. Many fan waited for them at Garden zone of CentralWorld plaza since morning time. CNBlue came with Black suit. So handsome!! There’re short interview about concert & new album. They surprised us with new Thai words & sentences. They’re so impressed! YongHwa asked “Kid-Tueng-Pom-Mai-Kub?” means Do you miss me? Oh!
Annoying question about YongSeo was asked at the end. YongHwa’s answer was reasonable but Goguma didn’t accept. They blamed translator did incorrect. Poor them!




The important event that day was donation for Flooding relief. There’s auction for Suit & jacket of CNBLUE got totally amount over 2xx,xxx THB. Plus Donation of ThBoice & Feoh (organizer), so totally amount was 250,000THB.


Some clip from me & my friend

Cr. Feoh

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