2012.03.16-17-18 Super Show 4 in Bangkok

Super junior in Bangkok for 3 days concert!!

I once joined SS3 last year. Show was great & fun. So, I want to join this SS4 again. Although they have 3 days, I’ll join only 1 day. My friend try to book online for us on last day but fail. SS4@Bangkok tickets was sold out so quickly in 20 minutes!!!!. After waiting for awhile we can get seats on 2nd day. Phew!!!.

[Note] They arrange only 2 days concert at first time (17&18 Mar). After got very good feedback (sold out in short time) They arranged 1 more day on 16 Mar.

Lucky me, my friend got sponsor tickets for 1st day. So we joined 1st day concert for warm up ^^ It’s quite far but show was fun. Lots of Light, sound and effect. They danced & sang many song, they’re great. SJ in Sound of Music theme was so cute. And much more fun for Superman, Steve Jobs, Marilyn Monroe, Chalie Chapplin, Gollum, Hulk Hogan etc.

2nd day seat was very good. We’re closer the standing area and close the catwalk. Because SJ walk and run around catwalk all the time, I can see them clearly. They’re all handsome and smart. Their Thai skill are very good. They can speak long sentence with good pronunciation. They’re clever to select much emotional sentence like “Hua Jai Phom Chuy Rub Wai Noi Krub!” (meaning > Accept my heart [love], please!).
KyuHyun came and waved his hand to fan for long time he smiled to everybody as much as he can. So nice~~. LeeTeuk also came to say thank you by bending his head to fan. Ryeouk & DongHae came and took picture w/ fan!! Other member came and waved their hand also. Ar….. they gave their love backed to ELFs. Envy them (ELFs).!!



Some fancam from my Iphone


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