2012.03.20 Ken Phupoom: Presenter Sanghai Wafer

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United foods Thailand announced new Presenter for ‘Sanghai Wafer’; Phupoom Pongpanu -(Ken) ~ ภูภูมิ พงษ์ภาณุ (เคน) .
Ken is Thai actor of Channel 3. He’s now popular after series “สามหนุ่มเนื้อทอง (Sam-Noom-Nue-Thong)”.

Ken is one of 4+1 (which are Nadej, Mark Parin, Boy Pakorn, Mario & Ken Phupoom). This group is very popular in Thailand now. He’s so cute and funny.




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One thought on “2012.03.20 Ken Phupoom: Presenter Sanghai Wafer

    […] CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelors 2008″. He’s one of 4+1 super star (together with Ken Phupoom, Mak Parin, Nadej, Mario). My sister is his fanclub, so I tried to take good pix for her. […]

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