2012.03.31 ‘KIM KYU JONG’S The First Romantic Party ‘GIFT’ in Bangkok’

KimKyuJong; SS501 had Fan meeting in Thailand on Mar.2012 He had 3 days event!! First day is press conference & interview, second day is fan meeting, last day is activity with FC.

30 Mar. 2012
He had interview for “Music Gang” Program at Fortune tower (Live broadcast in Cable channel True Vision 67). My friend was very lucky, she can join interview in studio. But unlucky fan can see this interview through the window front of studio clearly. We couldn’t hear what he said but we saw everything. He waved, smiled, thumbed up to fan outside the window all the time. So cute, Prince Kyu!!





120330 SS501 KyuJong – Music Gang Interview : Cr.mnflnz43.

31 Mar. 2012
‘KIM KYU JONG’S The First Romantic Party ‘GIFT’ in Bangkok’ at SCALA Theater, Siam square
Present by B2M Entertainment + MAYS Entertainment + One Four Entertainment

Event started with surprising moment of Kyujong walked from backside. His charming smile attacked me!
Mr.Charoen, MC is very good. Kyu and him made me laugh all the time. Ha~~ It’s very funny at Q&A part because MC random took June’ s question. It’s about popular funny song in Thailand with very funny dance. Difficult to explain, please watch the clip. LOL

During 2 hrs, he danced, sang and talked with happy smile. Really adorable guy! I’m really miss SS501 show. ~~

It’s very fun at Game part also. My friend, Yok was lucky again! She played game with him. Kyu lost, he was punished by taking Polaroid photo together. How cruel the penalty is!! –”

Most impressive part was Kimkyujong sing Thai song “Tee Rak” (ที่รัก). His accent is very very good!! How amazing!

** Strongly prohibit to re-upload **

After show on stage, there’s handshake & photo group event. I shook his hand and told him “I miss you very much”. He smiled, strongly shook my hand and said “Thank you very much! Thank you very much!”




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