2012.04.27 YoonEunHye ‘ARTISTRY AURA PRINCESS’

Place: Life Style Hall 2F, Siam Paragon Department store

YoonEunHye is new brand ambassador for ‘Artistry by Amways’  together with Aom, Akkaphan Namat (อ๋อม, อรรคพันธ์ นะมาตร์) Thai actor. She introduced herself with good Thai accent. Wow!!
“สวัสดีค่ะ ยินดีที่ได้เจอกันค่ะ ฉันชื่อ ยุนอึนเฮ ค่ะ” (Hello, nice to meet you. My name is YoonEunHye)

I really like her since “Coffee prince”. When I saw her with my eyes, I much more like her. She’s very nice… ummm I think beautiful is better word. She’s perfect for the event name ‘ARTISTRY AURA PRINCESS’. Her skin is so perfect white. Especially, she sat between MC: Kalamare, Pacharasri Benjamas (กาละแมร์, พัชรศรี เบญจมาศ) & man brand ambassador (Aom Akkaphan). She looks more white. kkk




MC told her there’s someone really like her and came to see her today too. He’s Thai actor name “Saksit Tangtong” (ศักดิ์สิทธิ์ แท่งทอง), one of Thai actor. And MC pointed to someone who was far over the camera man. Saksit was there. He smiled and waved his hand to EunHye and gave his ‘Love You’ hand sign to her!!! EunHye laughed and gave him back. kkk MC told him “if you really love her, please tell her out loud” So he yelled “Saranghaeyooooo!!!!” kkkkkkk.



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