2012.05.05 1st Boice day CNBLUE Fan meeting

Finally, they had 1st fan meeting after 2 years debut. This FM was for official fan club only. 1 member got only 1 seat. I’ll not write about how difficult for inter fan to get the ticket!

Seoul turned to be summer already. That day was 5/5/55 (in Thai) and laugh sound is Ha Ha same as “5” in Thai. It means that day is Ha Ha Ha Ha. It should be happy for me. 5555

I like the venue of FM, Yonsei University. It’s nice area. But it’s quite far from subway. Walking in sunny day in Seoul made me exhausted.

Blue boys came in early afternoon, my friends saw them walked in the back door of hall as this clip > 050512 CNBLUE Arriving at a hall Cr.AppleRella

Only few flag along the way to Meeting hall. We reached the hall in early afternoon for buying Fan meeting stuff. After we got our tickets, we que for dropping lucky draw (which we didn’t know it’s what for). More activity was writing anything you want to tell CNBLUE in small paper and paste it on the board. (Mine : YongHwa shi, why do you so dark now? Ha–)
Note: there’s nothing special for this note in Fanmeet. Staff brought this board on the stage but CNBLUE just took a glance on it. They said don’t worry they will read all (I don’t believe them LOL..)


Many fans sent wreath along the stair to the hall.


Fan meeting stuff. There are Brochure, Postcard set, 1st Boice day light stick & Blish ver.2.


The most impressive was photo exhibition. There’re on second floor of the hall. All photos were so cute. Some photos took in studio by photographer while the others took by member. All of photos in exhibition are in brochure. You can see each member’s vision by his photos. I think JS & MH is best.



Part 1 : mini-concert It’s really great as always.
Song list:
Intuition : Cr.AppleRella
Hey You : Cr.Applerella
– Love Girl
아사다 : Cr.AppleRella
– One Time
– Tatoo
In My Head : Cr.AppleRella
Love : Cr.jlarayoo

Part 2 : Quiz / game with Boice
– Question to 1 member. Answer by sequencing other members for that question. It likes interview.
– Quiz : Quiz to Boice and boice answer by holding O or X paper. Who did correct answer stand up. Next quiz, wrong answer sat down until 8-10 fan club left. So final 10 went up to stage.
– Game : Quiz again on stage till only 4 left. Pairing Boice with CNBLUE. Play “Guess the word”

Performance part is quite same the show we used to see. But YH had a special gift for us. When they finished Still in love YH said “I prepared something for everyone” and he took off his jacket show his muscle in sleeveless!!!!!!! JH laughed and said “He prepared lots for this” LOL.

I didn’t understand Quiz/Game & Interview part because they’re all talking in Korean. Even quiz on screen were Korean only. I wondered why FnC didn’t give any support for Inter Boice. They surely known there’re many inter boices joined this Fan meeting. I did not request translator but they should give Bi-lingual like Korean – English for quiz on screen at least. We could understand what are they talking about.

I screamed when YH give back hug to MH. kkk….. Many thanks Saturn for the trans. Now I understood why did he do that….

05.05 YH gave MH back hug!! By BlueAngelsThai

[Eng trans by saturn]
 I’ve observed hyung for 4 years. Jonghyun hyung is really cool. Jonghyun doesn’t care if she is angry or not.
MC: From Jungshin, how will you comfort your angry girl friend?
Jungshin:  Actually, myself as I am is enough. I never make my girlfriend angry.
MC: (To Minhyuk) What’s your secret weapon?
Minhyuk: I say my opinion. Jungshin is not the 1st place.
MC: Don’t say your opinion. How will you comfort your girl friend?
Minhyuk:  I don’t make my girl friend angry.
MC: You two don’t make that situation. You said ‘I am the best’, Yonghwa ssi?
Yonghwa: I will make my girl friend angry often, so I will have many chances of comforting her.
MC: How?
(Yonghwa goes Minhyuk’s behind and back hugged him, put his face into Minhyuk’s shoulder. Minhyuk feels shy, he turns around and hugs Yonghwa.)
Yonghwa:  My girl friend is tall.


Although I didn’t understand the conversation but I was very happy to see their happy moment on stage. They looked happy when answered the quiz. And they were very funny when played game with fan club. One of activity which everybody can join is O-X paper. MC asked the question Boice answered by holding the paper show O or X side. I didn’t even know Korean use O or X for yes. I didn’t understand the question too. So I sat quietly. Left & Right seat could not speak English, they couldn’t help me.


Around 10 Boices went up to stage to play game with the boys. Didn’t understand again. Nothing to write here. The last part was JongHyun  birthday cake! Surpise!! (Or not… LOL). JH & YH dance during the Birthday song!! Very funny!!!!! Greeting from other member must impress surely but I didn’t understand. Poor me. Sometime, I think I should not join this Fan meet. It’s for K-Boice only. But actually, FnC had English announcement for international Boice also. So we are invited, right?

Last of last, they took photo with us. I love this photo. I can see many friends; Korean, Japanese and Thai. Good memory anyway.

Before CNBLUE left the stage, they took 4 names from lucky draw box. I didn’t know what lucky boices got till now. After CNBLUE enter back stage, staff took more lucky draw, I didn’t know what’s the gift at that moment. But one of my group got it!! She got photo with frame from Exhibition. It’s special gift for her. WOW!! She is JH bias, so she selected this photos. Lucky her. (Many thanks Korean boice who told her what to do and took her together for getting the photos)

CNBLUE Left hall clip by AppleRella & BlueAngels. Guess who’s out of the window car to wave to his fan. It’s quite dark but you might know….. kkk.

050512 Goodbye CNBLUE By AppleRella

05.05 Bye….ⒸⓃⒷⓁⓊⒺ By BlueAngelsThai

Something stuck in my head!!! when staff did lucky draw, she hesitated to read the name which was not Korean name. I meant she’s not confident to spell (I think). Every times she got no Korean name, there’re somebody shouted to skip it or throw it away. I feel a little bit upset. If there’re event in Thailand and not Thai Boice got lucky draw I surely little bit envy. But finally, I’ll glad to them who took a long way to meet the boys and lucky….. Sometime I ask myself “Am I Boice?” Or “Do you think one who’s not Korean can be Boice?” Just my sensitive emotion…….

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