2012.07.29 KimHyunJoong Fan Meeting Tour 2012 in Thailand

KimHyunJoong Fan Meeting Tour 2012 in Thailand

Leader of SS501, KimHyunJoong had his Fan meeting tour in Thailand on July 2012. He closed his 2012 tour in Thailand after Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan, China (4 cities). Although, he had very tight schedule but he still gave much incredible show to Henecia in Thailand.

27 July 2012
He arrived Suvanbhumi Airport at late night. Lots of fanclub waited there. He just walked pass them, slightly waved his hand and directly went to Hotel. He looked tired.


28 July 2012
There’s Press conference for “KimHyunJoong Fan Meeting Tour 2012 in Thailand” at Zone Atrium2, Central World Plaza. I was there quite late. So, I didn’t get good location for good photo. But I could see him clearly enough to see his big smile. ^^ I seldom got any HJ’s smile photo because every time he smiled, fan screamed and moved like crazy. Ha ha. They attacked my camera.

He gave some interview that interested in Thai song and want to sing Thai song also. I hope it will be true in future. ^^



29 July 2012
Place: Exhibition Hall1, Muangthong Thani

I think it could not call “Fan meeting”, it should be “Concert” because KimHyunJoong gave 17 songs to fan completed with light & sound & effect. It’s concert! The highest price zone was full. Real fans were there. Show parts were great as I expected. HJ started show with black leather dress. Sing and dance with charming step. He showed his six packs abs during “Please”, henecia screamed out loud!!
[Fancam] 2012.07.29 KHJ FM (talk part1)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gR97UQh-Xug&feature=plcp

Some pix from my iphone. It’s not quite good but it’s for my memory. ♥♡♥♡


Talking part was very funny. First, introduction was arranged by MC, Mr.Charoen to shout “HyunJoong Oppa” to call him out. (Many fans can’t call him oppa la. LOL) Then HJ teased fan with “Oppa issue” [He said “everyone can call me oppa during fan meet. And please use correct word when we met outside!!] LOL. (I also have to call him dong-saeng la. Ha ha)

Fan quiz part: HJ random selected 3 questions from question board.
First question –
Q: If you have to take only 1 thing for escaping to outer space because Earth will explode soon. What will you take?
HJ: I’ll take someone I love. Because human life must be continue!
LOL Too erotic answer. HJ gives 4D answer as always.
Second question –
Q: If you have date with Thai Girl, where will you want to take her to see (in Korea)?
Many places will be nice to see Ex, Meongdong, Keangbok Gung etc. But I think it should be go to my place. I’ll cook for her and take care her. WOW!
Last –
Q: Today is my (fan) birthday, please give happy birthday greeting to me.
Note: It’s my friend note! It’s her birthday. She sat next to me, she’s shocked! MC asked her to stand up. HJ requested light to her, called her name and said “Happy Birthday”!!!
Absolutely, she cried (with happiness). After that MC asked if anybody birthday is today. There’re 3-4 more fans raised hands. HJ also gave them Birthday greeting.

Game part: there’s only 1 game on stage. HJ picked up lucky fan from seat no. 5 lucky fans join this game. It is photo shoot game (Why do they call game?). Everyone selected secret paper which had number inside. Each number matched with movie poster which they would take photo with HJ same action with that poster!!! There are “Titanic” – “Gone with the wind” – “What happen in Vegas” – “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” and the secret one. The secret one was special, see our fan cam below IOI

HJ showed his last part with fabulous image in red suit. I’m very happy with show. Everybody stood up and danced together with him. It’s fun. After show end, he went backstage to take a bath and backed with white shirt & black slack. Very handsome guy as I’ve ever saw! There’s Hi5 activity with everybody in hall. But he shook hand with his fan instead!

It was impressed that they gave priority to Handicap and/or fan who has physical problem. HJ walked down from stage to shake hand with this special group first. Others went to meet him on stage after that. ^^

He looks handsome as always. When I saw him closely, he’s much more handsome with white, tall and sweet smile than I think. I grabbed his hand with my 2 hands and said “Thank you” He smiled to me and replied “Thank you” in deep tone. Oh! I’m too nervous to say anything when I’m near him. So every time I met him I said only “Thank you”. Poor me!

1.Let Me Go / 2.Break Down / 3.Please / 4.Thank You / 5.Happiness / 6.Kiss Kiss / 7.Let’s  Party / 8.I’m Your Man / 9.Smile / 10.Because I’m Stupid / 11.Marry me / 12.Do You Like That / 13.Lucky Guy / 14.If You Were Like Me / 15.One more time / 16.U / 17.Lucky Guy

KimHyunJoong With MC, Mr.Charoen (Cr. @JMix609)

Some official pix;


Update photo from Official FB KimHyunJoong ^^ (I wonder if he knows jumping action is  very popular in Thailand? Ha ha)

태국에서의 마지막공연..!

Event ends with happiness because of HJ fan service. But many suspicious incidents still were unsolved. 1st -5th row were not sold in pre-sale and regular sale. Organizer gave explanation “For sponsors”. Actually, we found there’re almost Japanese & Chinese there. I understood the business is how to make highest profit. But you should do business with Honesty with your customer who gives money to you. By the way, this event was held in Thailand, if it should give priority to Thai fan? But organizer kept best seat for foreigner. It’s suck!
Furthermore, HJ picked up lucky draw for 5 lucky fans to join game on stage. All 5 lucky fans are from first 5 rows only! What’s the heck!

Frankly, I know some Thai fans (From big fan site) also got seats in those 5 rows. I really don’t know how they got that? And I don’t want to know anymore. Useless to find the truth now….

2 thoughts on “2012.07.29 KimHyunJoong Fan Meeting Tour 2012 in Thailand

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your fan account first fan account in English that I found ^_^
    it’s been exactly 1 month from the PressCon day and reading it brings back those unforgettable memories ❤ I can relate to your feelings of the events so much 🙂
    and also thanks for the trans of Hyun Joong's talk
    your friend is so lucky two precious gifts on her Bday ^^
    and thanks for your description at the end that's what we suspected too especially when all the 5 girls were of A1~A3 sections~ me too was surprised why there are not many Thai fans at the front seats!

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