2012.08.10-11 NU’EST The 1st FACE to FACE in Thailand

“NU’EST The 1st FACE to FACE in Thailand”

Nu’est, the best rookies group of 2012, start their Fan meeting Asian Tour in Thailand. They continue to Australia & Singapore for next step.

I have not much information about them. I went to press conference with my sister and I’ve  found they are so cute and friendly. They gave much fan service to their fans, ㄴㅇㅅㅌ.

10 August 20120
“NU’EST The 1st FACE to FACE in Thailand” Press conference
Venue: Infinity Hall, Paragon Cineplex (5th floor), Siam Paragon


They are so cute. ^^

MC taught Nu’est to say ‘잘 자요’ in Thai ‘ฝันดีนะ’ [‘Fan – Dee – Na’] ^^ Cute.

MC said Ren was so calm, not express any feeling with his face. So he tried to present new feeling with his face. –” Different already?

They also spoke Thai like other K-idol. But their sentence is not simple like others. Good preparation. ^^

Minhyun : ผมหล่อไหมครับ (Am I handsome?)
Ren : ฟินไหมครับ (Do you fin? – It’s slang, means do you get highest impression?) OMG!
JR : JR รักทุกคนนะครับ (JR loves everybody)
Baekho : รับรองมันส์กระจาย (Guarantee, it will be much fun)
Aron : คนไทยน่ารักเวอร์ (Thai fan is very very cute)

Their fan meet was held on Sat. 11 August at Siampavalai Hall, Siam Paragon. I didn’t join this event. I’ve heard they sang Thai Song ใจกลางความรู้สึกดีๆ (Jai-Klang-Kwam-Ru-Suk-dee-dee by Ae Jirakorn) They’re good in Thai song. ^^

Note: MinHyun also san Thai song in short. It’s great!!! ลูกอม – วัชราวลี (Look Om – Watcharawalee)

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