ONE ASIA TOUR 2012 M Countdown Smile-Thailand

Venue: Ratchamangkala Stadium

Korean music program M! Countdown put on a show in Thailand again. All-star line-up of 15 K-pop groups including rookie performers A-Jax, Tasty and B.A.P, popular girl groups T-ara, Sistar and Kara and leading superstars Infinite, Beast, F.T. Island and Super Junior. Main host by LeeHongKi, FTIsland who’s official MC in MCD broadcast in Korea.

M countdown in Thailand again, this time is not a good time because it’s during raining season here. The worst was Gaemi storm came to Thailand at that week. We wore raincoat during the concert, it’s terrible. All artists played & danced among the rain.

I went there because of FTIsland but I couldn’t much see them. Well, it’s because of rain. Actually, I couldn’t see them because they kept playing at minor stage while I sat at front row of main stage. It’s very disappoint! Anyway, HongKi is great as always.

This live show was very special for ELFs because this’s the last performance for LeeTuek (Outside Korea) before he go to serve military 2-3 years. ELFs planed to have special project for him but it’s much raining. By the way, ELFs still did something for him at Airport when he departed that night. LT tweet his impression with clip he took. ^^


 Infinite & Secret

Kara  & T-ara

Beast & BAP

Super Junior


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This program broadcasted at Mnet chanel on 11 October 2012 at 6pm (KST)