2012.12.01 ‘Nichkhun’ Presenter of Mitsubishi Mirage

Event: Thailand International Motor Expo 2012
Venue: Challenger Hall, Impact Muangthong Thani

Nichkhun attend ‘Thailand International Motor Expo 2012’ for Presenter of Mitsubishi Mirage

Wphoto WABC_7837 WABC_7838

WABC_7875 WABC_7880WABC_7910 WABC_7954 WABC_7916 WABC_7917 WABC_7965 WABC_7859 WABC_7924WABC_7967 WABC_7977 WABC_7992 WABC_8005

WABC_8007 WABC_8011 WABC_7997 WABC_8018 WABC_8027 WABC_8037 WABC_8032 WABC_8042 WABC_8046

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