2012.12.13 “SCOTCH GIVING CARAVAN” with Mike, Stefan, Aun & Jack AF4

Place: Front of United Bldg., Silom Rd.

To promote “Scotch gift basket” for New Year festival, Scotch industrial (Thailand) launched the event “SCOTCH GIVING CARAVAN” at Silom Rd, downtown of Bangkok. The presenter for this event were 4 stars; Mike – Piratch (พิรัชต์ นิธิไพศาลกุล), Stefan Salamone (สเตฟาน, สันติ วีระบุญชัย), Aun – Rangsit (อ้วน, รังสิต ศิรนานนท์) and Jack – AF4 (แจ็ค, เมธัส ตรีรัตนวารีสิน)

They were on convertible coupe drove along Silom road to give Scotch bird’s nest drink to all fan. Mike & Jack are Singer who turn to be Drama series stars too while Stefan & Aun are Movie & Series Star.

WABC_8364  WABC_8363


Jack – Mike- Stefan – Aun

WABC_8374 WABC_8375  WABC_8390 WABC_8398WABC_8378

WABC_8415 WABC_8419 WABC_8421 WABC_8427 WABC_8436 WABC_8439 WABC_8429 WABC_8456 WABC_8457 WABC_8441 WABC_8447 WABC_8449 WABC_8450 WABC_8451 WABC_8452 WABC_8453 WABC_8454 WIMG_7501 WIMG_7504 WIMG_7510 WIMG_7505 WIMG_7513

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