2012.12.15-16 2012 CNBLUE Live [BLUE NIGHT] in Seoul

Event: 2012 CNBLUE Live [BLUE NIGHT] in Seoul
Date: 15th Nov 2012 (Sat) ~ 16th Nov 2012 (Sun), 18:00
Venue: SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium, Olympic Park

There is 3rd Live concert in Seoul [1st – 2010 Live Listen to the CNBLUE, 2nd – 2011 Live Bluestorm) This concert was amazed by sold out within 15 min. And the resell ticket was very rarely to find. The venue is nearly same the concert last year, difference hall only. This time had much more Rice wreath around the hall. It’s totally 12,131 kg.!!!  

IMG_7904 IMG_7905 IMG_7920 IMG_7929IMG_7921 IMG_7906 IMG_7908 IMG_7909 IMG_7911 IMG_7912 IMG_7913 IMG_7914 IMG_7915 IMG_7916 IMG_7917 IMG_7919 IMG_7922 IMG_7923 IMG_7925 IMG_7926 IMG_7927 IMG_7928 IMG_7930 IMG_7931 IMG_7932 IMG_7924 IMG_7935 IMG_7933 IMG_7934 IMG_7936

Official goods list released 3 days before concert day. Nothing is new; Blish, Light stick, Postcard set, Poster set, Shirt & Christmas set. They’re quite same design concept, changed only photo & word.

IMG_7907 IMG_7910 IMG_7695 IMG_7740 IMG_7918 IMG_7940 IMG_7939 IMG_7903   img_7810-1 img_7859-1 IMG_7937 IMG_7941

Special song for this concert probably was ‘Jungshin slave song’. I think YH really like to create impromptu song since Arena tour in Japan. It’s funny but JS said “I don’t like the lyric” Ha— And Jonghyun sang his OST. A Gentleman Dignity song ‘My Love’, it’s special for fan also.

IMG_7938 IMG_7860A-JjYmmCQAAe_Tl A-JsfidCQAAy_JI x2_100a548d A-Jl93bCEAAhb-_ A-KJ-nxCQAAQiYF x2_100a738fphoto-(1)photo-(3) photo-(4) photo-(5)photo (7)IMG_7797

Another special song for me was ‘Last Christmas’. It’s so sweet. It’s ‘Wham’ song in year 1984. JH voice is so sweet while YH voice is so adorable. Concert script was quite same with Arena tour in Japan (Except ‘Illa Illa’, ‘My love’ & ‘last Christmas’). By the way, they had a very good live performance again. Ummm… it’s better, better than the previous show. They improved again and again. Proud of them….

reindeer-1 reindeer-2 reindeer-3 reindeer-4reindeer-mix

JS & YH said they will comeback on 14 January 2013!! I think K-Boice is very very happy to hear that. They finally backed to Korea after long journey in Japan.

b2oor A-TgCtgCMAA2NAy

Many celebrity came to concert. I saw KyuHyun – SJ, TaeYeon & YoonA – SNSD on 1st day. And JH’s parents, YH’s Parents with his brother & MH’s Dad came on 2nd day. AOA & Juniel also came on 2nd day. Official fan club group (sorry, I don’t know which group actually) had special event for CNBLUE on 2nd day by holding this blish during ‘Love girl’. It’s great project. JH said “Wow!!” loudly. They requested us to hold it again after end the song. It was much impressed them. They also took a photo with this blish and tweet it. [It remind me about our ‘Tachukja project’ in Thailand ^^, I hope they still remember…]


Song list; (Sorry if it’s not correct, I didn’t record or take note)

1st Day [15 Dec. 2012]                     2nd Day [16 Dec. 2012]
1. Hey you                                            1. Hey you
2. Now or never                                  2. Now or never
3. Get away (Kr)                                 3. Get away (Kr)
4. Tattoo                                               4. Tattoo
5. 직감 (Intuition)                                5.직감 (Intuition)
6. Have a good night                         6. Have a good night
7. Wake up                                          7. Wake up
8. Love girl                                          8. Love girl
9. Y,Why…                                          9. Y,Why…
10. Feeling                                          10. Feeling
11. These days (Kr)                          11. These days (Kr)
12. My love                                        12. Illa Illa [JH]
13. Love light                                     13. My love
14. Still in love                                   14. Love light
15. Just Please                                  15. Still in love
16. Where you are                           16. Just Please
17. One time                                      17. Where you are
18. Time is over                                18. One time
19. In My Head                                19. Time is over
                                                             20. In My Head
-Encore –                                            -Encore 1-
1. I’m loner                                         1. Last Christmas
2. You’ve fallen for me                     2. I’m a loner
3. Last Christmas                              3. LOVE
4. Love                                                 4. You’ve Fallen For Me
5. Illa Illa [JH]             
6. Thank U (Kr)                                 -Encore 2-
                                                             1. Thank U (Kr)

Some clip from me, AppleRella & TannyBoice
[Please do not modify and re-upload to other channel]:


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