2013.02.03 “TAOKAENOI Hottest & Spicy with 2PM”

Event:  “TAOKAENOI Hottest & Spicy with 2PM”
Venue: Space in front of Hard Rock Café (Siam Square), Bangkok

TaoKaeNoi, well-known seaweed snack in Thailand, had press conference for new presenter with “2PM” (replaced “Beast”)
6 handsome members came to Thailand for CF shooting 2 days and had special event with Thai Hottest.

550 WABC_9042 WABC_9047 WABC_9052 WABC_9054 WABC_9067 WIMG_8986 WABC_9071 WABC_9074 WABC_9076

WABC_9058 WABC_9176
WABC_9085 WABC_9086 WABC_9088 WABC_9089 WABC_9095 WABC_9131 WABC_9100  WABC_9261 WABC_9093 WABC_9109 WABC_9120 WABC_9132 WABC_9168

6 lucky fans played game with them by closing eyes, ate seaweed and guessed what’s flavour?
5 members gave seaweed to fans by hand except TaecYeon! OMG!! Naughty guy!!

WABC_9150 WABC_9161 WABC_9191 WABC_9204 WABC_9209 WABC_9229 WABC_9243 WABC_9245 WABC_9247

IMG_9019 IMG_9020
Why TaecYeon use mouth while others use hand? LOL Hottest must screammmm.

WABC_9199 WABC_9213 WABC_9235  WABC_9207  WABC_9203  WABC_9252 WABC_9253 WABC_9250 WABC_9255 WABC_9259 WABC_9260 WABC_9264 WABC_9267 WABC_9277 WABC_9284 WABC_9294 WABC_9292 WABC_9297 WABC_9313  WABC_9314 WABC_9318 WABC_9321 WABC_9330

TaecYeon is very funny guy.
[Clip] 020313 Taec’s seaweed dance Bㅋㅋㅋ Cr. AppleRella

Some pix from Pingbook.com

32 86 43 45 49 47 60 46 109 201302031359893885n5a2

They went to morning news (Reong Lao Chao Nee, CH.3) on early morning 2nd Feb. (Photo with Sorrayuth, news reporter) cr.เรื่องเล่าเช้านี้ facebook
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