2013.02.04 NichKhun Fan meet by Coway

Event: Loving Coway Growing with Service Plus
Venue: Bitec (Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre), Bangna

Coway, Korean water filtration devices, organized fan meet with Nichkhun for lucky customer & fanclub. I was the one of lucky customer. I didn’t much expect for this fan meet but It’s quite good. Although it’s too short but it is warmth & lovely. Everybody got complimentary ‘2PM’s special photo book w/Coway’ & Nichkhun pin when registered. It’s very nice.
Ps. they allowed to take photo with any type of camera. I didn’t know. T__T I took only small compact camera. So picture is not quite good T__T 

WIMG_9034_resize WIMG_9035_resize WIMG_9028_resize Wscan0003 Wscan0004 Wscan0005 Wscan0006
Wscan0007 Wscan0008 Wscan0009 Wscan0010
Wscan0011 Wscan0012 Wscan0013 Wscan0014

The event was about product presentation. Nichkhun made mix juice by cold water machine & ice maker of Coway. He’s very cute & funny guy. I’m at front row (very lucky), so I can see him clearly. Especially when he came down to serve mix juice to his Mom & VIP fan. ^^

WP1120607_resize WP1120614_resize WP1120621_resize WP1120622_resize WP1120629_resize WP1120631_resize WP1120635_resize WP1120638_resize

The final part was photo group event. I stood near him, he’s so handsome and polite. I’m very excited when he held my waist to gather everyone for photo group. I shook hand with him when finish photo shoot, he said “Thank you (in Thai)”. ^^

WP1120656_resize WP1120663_resize Wscan0001

After formal schedule, fan club had special project for him by holding paper “♥ nichkhun Forever” and singing Thai song “Lao Soo Kan Fang” This is Thai Song which NichKhun used to sing  in 2PM Concert in Thailand last year. The meaning is about we always miss and care someone who stays so far. Some part is much emotional likes “Although the raining over there but I feel cold here too” ~~ like this. NichKhun made joking with “Raining in Korea is already turned to be snow now, heavy snow. ㅋㅋㅋ”

WP1120671 WP1120675_resize

He smiled and waved his hand along with his fan club. I sang the song for him too. ^^ The event ended with love & good memory.

There’s another event after that (I’ve not known before). It’s another event for product distributor & dealer but they allowed everyone on first event to join!!! I had to leave because of another appointment. So I gave my pin no. to one of young Hottest who’s unlucky for fan club event. She has just waited outside the hall. I knew how she feels, so I gave her. I read from web that 2nd event is much more impressed by talking & singing. Wow!!

Official pic from Coway Facebook

149461_10151337589593778_181671758_n 604035_10151337578653778_822845308_n 559982_10151337578538778_369874720_n 603961_10151337578513778_1040382642_n 555925_10151337586633778_851701029_n 535859_10151337581138778_850593391_n 575549_10151337581483778_1154551520_n 558064_10151337581233778_643479132_n 2954_10151337581173778_1144260000_n 303_10151374553489445_2112088558_n 601066_10151326158798778_1899263887_n


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