2013.03.23 DEPAPEPE 10th Anniversary Live In Bangkok

DEPAPEPE 10th Anniversary Live In Bangkok
Venue: Bangkok Convention Center, Central Plaza Ladprao

Pure Entertainment presented the acoustic duo of Asia “DEPAPEPE”, the first time ever in Thailand with special guest “Singular” on Mar 23, 2013.

I’m a big fan of ‘Depapepe’ for many years. I once saw their live show in Winter Music Festival 3 years ago. It’s only 4-5 songs. I waited for their full scale live concert, finally they came to celebrate their 10th Anniversary here. It’s lucky Thailand is one of country in their 10th Anniversary tour.

Depa san tried to communicate with audience by English & Thai. It’s very funny. LOL! He’s so cute. Depa san and Pepe san can control 2000 audience for 2 Hrs. live. Their guitar skill is amazing.

Special guest was ‘Singular’ Thai Duo which had co-project with them 2 years ago (kitto mata itsuka thai version ‘Some Other Day’ feat.singular). They also performed that song in concert and Singular famous song ‘เบา เบา’ (Bao Ba0) too.

After nearly 2 Hrs. they ended the show but audience did not left the hall. Everybody shouted to call them for encore. They were on stage again and say thank you many many times. The audience clapped and cheered for minutes. It was one of the best concert ever.



WIMG_0112 WIMG_0125 WIMG_0138 WIMG_0141 WIMG_0154 WIMG_0157 WIMG_0159 WIMG_0164 WIMG_0171 WIMG_0178 WIMG_0191 WIMG_0193 Depapepe

Set list (Cr.http://www.facebook.com/pages/Depapepe-Thailand-Fanclub/)

  1. 星の数だけ願いは届く(hoshi no kazu dake negai ha todoku)
  2. FLOW
  3. MTMM
  4. Over the sea
  5. キミドリ(kimidori)
  6. ツバメ (tsubame)
  7. 哀愁バイオレット (Sorrow violet)
  8. 風見鶏 (Kazamidori)
  9. Hi-D!! (Indies Album ver.)
  10. きっとまたいつか (kitto mata itsuka) [clip cr.Makyonoeru]
  11. เบาๆ
  12. Share my world [clip cr.Mint SN]
  13. Life is a journey
  14. Sky! Sky! Sky!
  15. DUNK [clip cr.jedipato]
  16. KATANA
  17. TMG
  18. START

20. ONE

Hilight Depapepe Live in Bangkok by musicmthaitube

Photo cr. BEC Tero Music
31889_304198586373446_1658539227_n 300099_304198556373449_649730485_n 401281_304198429706795_292343675_n 483261_304198409706797_1202665977_n 401298_304198389706799_1460129533_n 559213_304198396373465_1145334059_n 530006_304198579706780_957801201_n

Photo Cr. Sony Music Thailand
581441_582807428411254_93745507_n 1849_583190551706275_353694327_n

Support Project from Depapepe Thailand Fanclub

They tweet this pic. after concert ^^

@DEPAPEPE_miura: タイ初ワンマン大成功!!めっちゃ楽しかったー!見に来てくれたみなさん、ありがとう!!コップンカップ!!
(So cute, he tweet ‘Kob-Kun-Kub’ in katakana. It means ‘Thank you’ in Thai. Ha Ha Ha)
@DEPAPEPE_miura 昨日のタイライブ大成功でした!みんなで記念撮影!
@DEPAPEPE_toku Thank you BKK!!BGG7EgJCMAA89n4

@DEPAPEPE_miura Thank you,Sin!! RT @sinsingular: ‘Share My World’ with @DEPAPEPE_miura @DEPAPEPE_toku ♫ 🙂

Singular also updated their FB page with these pix.299242_572881202730738_701810581_n 303118_572881229397402_273288116_n 579044_572881172730741_284376506_n

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