2013.04.10 Mak Parin, Promote Wrigley’s Doublemint sugarfree mints

Wrigley launched new flavour of Doublemint sugarfree mints and had special event at Silom road.
Mark (Parin Suparat) หมาก (ปริญ สุภารัตน์) , one of new wave star & very popular star for Thai Series in prime time Thai TV3 Chanel, who is Brand Character for ‘Wrigley’s Doublemint sugarfree mints’ joined this promotion event also.  There’s some interview & had ‘Doublemint’ rally along Silom rd. Although it’s very hot, lots of fan went to see him. This’s my first time to see him too. He’s very cute and nice. ^^

WDSC_1221 WDSC_1225 WDSC_1241 WDSC_1249 WDSC_1253 WDSC_1278 WDSC_1252 WDSC_1261

WDSC_1270 WDSC_1274 WDSC_1291 WDSC_1301 WDSC_1299 WDSC_1307

TV Ads for Doublemint sugarfree mints
[HD] หมาก ปริญ โฆษณาดับเบิ้ลมินต์ – TVC – YouTube


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