Siam Paragon

10-11 April, 2013 @ Parc Paragon

10April : Hyun Bin / Nat-Thew / Burin and The old school all stars / Jetset’er / Modern Dog
11April : Da Endorphine / Thaitanium / AF group

Siam Paragon, Well-known shopping mall in Bangkok celebrated Songkran festival with special event ‘SUMMER BEATS FESTIVAL’. Songkran holiday is Thai new year, so they give special gift to Thai with free concert of many popular singers/bands. More special with Hyunbin joined this festival also. He came to Thailand to have fan meeting on next day.

I was there only April 10 because Burin & Moderndog are my love band. I was there too late to see Hyunbin & Natthew. But I really enjoyed Live show of Burin, Moderndog & Jetset’er, they are great as always. Burin is lead vocal of Groove riders, Popular Disco Funk band in Thailand. Now, each member has individual work. Burin has live show with his group. He still used GR songs in his show. I loved GR songs. Moderndog is Alternative rock band who has many awards. Their live show is always hot & fun.

WDSC_1321 WDSC_1708 WDSC_1507

 Burin and The old school all stars 
WDSC_1329 WDSC_1336 WDSC_1340 WDSC_1347 WDSC_1351 WDSC_1362 WDSC_1389 WDSC_1406 WDSC_1423

WDSC_1639 WDSC_1433 WDSC_1480 WDSC_1483 WDSC_1515 WDSC_1439 WDSC_1441 WDSC_1444 WDSC_1475 WDSC_1491 WDSC_1530 WDSC_1538 WDSC_1544 WDSC_1580 WDSC_1590 WDSC_1608 WDSC_1655 WDSC_1611  WDSC_1629 WDSC_1631 WDSC_1687 WWDSC_1694

WDSC_1706 WDSC_1699 WDSC_1716 WDSC_1719 WDSC_1721 WDSC_1750 WDSC_1755 WDSC_1761 WDSC_1768

Some photo of Hyunbin & Natthew from website
Hyunbin Photo cr.pingbook.com
09 03 70 71 14 23 18 

Natthew photo Cr.True Fantasy FB & Korea sarang.com
903304_539887572720996_317074866_o 905765_539887669387653_1260597663_o 892894_539887936054293_1071325331_o 539713_585869241434417_802657225_n 7283_585869854767689_1186277504_n 485897_585869968101011_580448272_n 482708_585869344767740_1456445277_n Event_20130405181135.0

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