2013.04.13 Bluemoon in Singapore


Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

Singapore is 2nd country for ‘2013 CNBLUE BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR ‘.
I went there on late 12th Apr. while my friends arrived on 11th (same day with blue boys). Many SGBoice waited for them at Airport. My friends told me Boys looked very happy, they took many gifts from fans and waved hand along the way. (Photo: Cr. TannyBoice & Kukkik)

11Apr-BHkaxaJCUAA0LxI 11Apr-BHkccevCUAA4sjN 11Apr-BHkcTVoCQAAc4w1 11Apr-BHkez_BCMAAr1R6

On 12th morning, Jungshin had breakfast at hotel restaurant alone. CNBLUE left hotel to practice in evening.

On 13th morning, Jungshin still had breakfast alone. I was there too. I was at juice dispenser counter while he walked with camcorder in his hand. He walked and recorded since enter the restaurant, walked pass my back. He’s bright and very tall (for sure… ha ha). He had lots of breakfast, took buffet 3-4 rounds. He’s still growing up!! He accidentally bumped my friend, he said “I’m sorry… I’m sorry” (kkk… like he had rehearsal) CNBLUE left hotel to concert venue for rehearsal in early afternoon.

I was at Singapore Indoor Stadium at late afternoon but it’s still hot. It’s too hot to queue. Anyway, I queued for official goods and bought only shirt & brochure. I think official goods price is increased, it’s quite expensive (compare with last year). There’s only one banner to take photo, no flower wreath, no other promote stuff around hall.

IMG_0609-1 IMG_0610 IMG_0611 IMG_1083 IMG_0563 IMG_0593

Concert hall was not quite big, I like it. Concert’s concept changed a lot, much more graphic design on screen, light & sound and many effects were added (compare with previous live/concert). Moon stage around Moon zone is for Yonghwa because only YH used this stage. He ran to the end of stage and stop to singing there for many songs. I felt sad with YH fan who took highest price in moon zoon and one who took high price on each side, they pay much but see YH backside nearly half of concert. Anyway, Jungshin sometimes used this side stage to join YH too. Jonghyun kept his position because of guitar power cord. Minhyuk stage can move front to bring his lovely smile to fan, I like it.


IMG_1035 IMG_1044 IMG_0682-1 IMG_1036 IMG_1037 IMG_1038 IMG_1039 IMG_1040 IMG_1041 IMG_1045 IMG_1042 IMG_1043 IMG_1053 IMG_0856-1

Sound system was not good but light & effect was nice. I like graphic on center screen but both side screen had too poor quality. By the way, many parts of show filled with laser, it’s beautiful. I always laugh with YH’s Singlish. JS was funny too. JH was always speechless for World tour but he said something very funny too. I was at seating zone. Nobody stood up and rock with YH, I’m really sad. I know its seating zone but I expected everybody stand up and dance with YH as always. I’m slightly disappointed because most fans (at my section) just sat and kept recording all the time. Arrr so sad…..just my feeling…..So, I highly expect much more fun with Bluemoon in BKK next month. Everybody should sing, scream & dance like crazy with them.

IMG_1034 IMG_1049 IMG_1046 IMG_1048 IMG_1047 IMG_1032 IMG_0854 IMG_0855  IMG_0840-1 IMG_0841-1 IMG_0839-1 IMG_0874 IMG_0870 IMG_1015-1

JH took selca with Boice in Concert. He tweeted later. So cute…

Song list
1. Where you are
2. Get Away
3. One Time
4. Naran Namja
5. Coffee Shop
6. Have a Good Night
7. Wake Up
8. Love Light
9. Feeling
10. These Days (Kor. version)
11. Y,Why… (Kor. version)
12. La la la
13. Just Please (Kor. version)
14. Tattoo
15. In My Head (Kor. version)
16. Intuition – 직감
17. I’m a Loner – 외톨이야
18. I’m Sorry
19. Hey You
20. Love Girl
21. You’ve Fallen For Me – 넌 내게 반했어
22. Love
23. Ad-lib song *For Singapore* 
24. Try Again, Smile Again
[Fancam] from Applerella & BlueAngels

CNBLUE backed to Korea by evening flight on 14th Apr. Security plan at Airport was poor and many fans were uncontrolled. One fan tried to give something to YH, it’s almost hit his head. It’s terrible. Many fans tried to attack them, approached them too close. But they still smiled and waved to us. How can they be so sweet and nice all the times?! Bye, see you soon in Bangkok.

14Apr-006 14Apr-003 14Apr-004 14Apr-005 14Apr-snapshot20130417224130 14Apr-snapshot20130417224724 14Apr-snapshot20130417221905-1 14Apr-snapshot20130417221943 14Apr-snapshot20130417224522 14Apr-snapshot20130417222815-1

2013.04.14 CNBLUE Changi airport by BlueAngelsThai

2013.04.14 CNBLUE Changi airport_2 by BlueAngelsThai


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