2013.05.04 Bluemoon in Bangkok


Venue: Impact Arena Muangthong Thani

Long time no see!!, CNBLUE came to Thailand for Bluestorm in BKK on February last year. It’s over 1 years already.

THBoice really miss them…..

But…something… It made me sad….I hope it will not happen in other place from now. Sad with them, sad with us……

This is the first time I cried during the rock concert.

2 May 2013 : Arrival
CNBLUE arrived Suvarnabhumi Airport and left the airport via VIP gate. Many boices wait outside for hour and hour. Only somebody who took flight from Korea with them can see them. [Photo credit: Tanny]


3 May 2013 : Event
First event, they came to popular early morning news program ‘Rueng Lao Chao Nee’ at ThaiTV Chanel 3. They had short interview and concert promote around 20 mins. Boice can wait outside the building and can see them walk in and out. I felt JH & JS in charge of leader. Let’s see the clip. [Photo credit: RuengLaoChaoNee]

BJUC7CcCEAEc5cf 935471_586762351357291_83548668_n

Second event, they went to press interview at conference room in Hotel. They look happier. [Photo credit on pic]

945660_587897177910475_510176277_n 524760_587897147910478_148767536_n 524614_587896011243925_111450399_n 393065_587897034577156_1446342540_n
575431_587897011243825_1196917273_n 482640_587896837910509_852568985_n

Last event, CNBLUE had public press conference at Siam Discovery event park. They look tired. There’s some interview and show Thai word as always. JS was most happy, JH also. MH smiled and waved to fan while YH still kept calm. There’s auction event before CNBLUE came. Blue boys prepared self design bracelets for auction. The money will donate to charity.

WDSC_2692 WJKS_9455 WJKS_9483 WDSC_2783 WDSC_2727 WDSC_2723 WDSC_2772  WDSC_2790

WDSC_2708 WDSC_2728 WDSC_2740 WDSC_2743

WDSC_2738 WDSC_2742 WDSC_2734 WDSC_2825 WDSC_2832 IMG_1523

4 May 2013 : Concert day
Can not explain my feeling. It’s mix up, sad & glad…. happy & regret……

IMG_1754 IMG_1552photo001 photo002 photo004 photo003 766675099 766662594 320e918eb4d411e291a022000a9f13ef_7 972c288ab6df11e28eb922000a1fbc88_7 09ac8de0b4de11e2a3ec22000a9d0dfd_7 ad0b9798b4d811e2a3e422000a1fbe39_7  766989405 766977872 photo

They did not take selca. They did not give any goods to audience. There was not special song for Thailand. They did not take VDO record like they did at other country (except very short period when they arrived and took service patrol to VIP gate. JH want to record Airport staff? not fan?). Anyway, the show must go on. They just did it as schedule. YH was on stage like machine….

At least, our project was success.
First, ‘HBD JH’ Project made him happy, he smiled and said wow, ok… etc.
Second “Illumination love Galaxy” project was quite touchy. We have 3 key big banners. Left : 할아버지 밴드될 때까지 계속 팬으로 있을게요 / Center: 다시 태국에 와서 만나요 / Right: We’ll support you forever! and all audience hold paper : 약속해!. I think they get my point. MH said “I promise” and hall bright with white light (except moon zone will be use blue light stick). It’s so beautiful.

945236_10151456280318445_2007838573_n   IMG_1767 IMG_1265 IMG_1263

Song list
1. Where you are
2. Get Away
3. One Time
4. Naran Namja
5. Coffee Shop
6. Have a Good Night
7. Wake Up
8. Love Light
9. Feeling
10. These Days (Kor. version)
11. Y,Why… (Kor. version)
12. La la la
13. Just Please (Kor. version)
14. Tattoo
15. In My Head (Kor. version)
16. Intuition – 직감
17. I’m a Loner – 외톨이야
18. I’m Sorry
19. Hey You
20. Love Girl
21. You’ve Fallen For Me – 넌 내게 반했어
22. Love
23. Try Again, Smile Again

Charity donation for CNBLUE school from Thai Boice & other.


Food support from our group


5 May 2013 : relaxing day
All of them stayed at hotel, swimming, went to gym and had Thai massage. CNBLUE took evening flight back to Korea to prepare Bluemoon in Hongkong for next station.

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