2013.05.31 Bluemoon in Melbourne

2013 CNBLUE BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR Live in Melbourne, Australia

Date : May 31th 07:30 pm
Venue : Festival Hall, Melbourne 

My big  trip in Australia!

I once went to Australia (Melbourne) last year, I got 1 year visa. Because I already had visa, so I made decision to join Bluemoon World Tour in Australia. The ticket still can purchase online both Melbourne & Sydney except VVIP. I got information that hall is so small. So, it’s OK for me.


30 May: Sydney > Melbourne

My flight from Thailand delayed 2 Hrs. I though we gonna missed Blue Boys Domestic flight (Syd to Mel). But luck was on our side!! We can get the flight we booked and it was same flight with CNBLUE. We waited them front of our gate. I wondered many people who’s not passenger can enter to the corridor till gate!!! When boys came down from VIP lounge many fans followed them. YH with blue shirt was so cute. I gave birthday gift to him before he entered the gate. He bowed his head and say thank you (while he grabbed my bag, he took a glance at the bag because it’s Etude pink bag  😛 ). They walked quite fast to gate, JS’s last one. We boarded after them.

IMG_2542 IMG_2541

We arrived Melbourne in 2.5 Hrs. CNBLUE left Airport before we reached the luggage claim belt. I saw many happy faces around the hall. Many Aussi Boice waited them and absolutely found them. I’m happy with them too.

We found them again at late afternoon, they walked from Hotel to restaurant nearby. YH changed his dress to be short pants because it’s raining. So cute ^^ I’ve heard they walked by Yara river in the evening also. Some lucky fan found them.

IMG_2603 IMG_2598

31 May: D-Day for Bluemoon in Melbourne

IMG_2689 IMG_2698

We took our morning time to see how lovely Melbourne is! We went to venue, Festival hall, in early afternoon. There was long queue for VVIP at back while few fan queued for general ticket at front. All of us booked online and selected ‘Pick up ticket at the venue’. We asked many JK staffs about this but everybody said Ticketmaster staff will came on 6PM, pls. come back again 6PM (at official goods pick up counter). Waiting for over 4 Hrs. on the walkway is so boring, we went to asked staff again every hour until it was 6PM sharply. Ticketmaster staff has not come yet, JK staffed only said they didn’t know and have to wait. Door will open soon but we still did not get tickets! Many people came to ask and waited front of counter. Most of them are foreigners; Korean, Japanese, Thai etc. I realized that JK staff is part-time employed. They don’t know anything. Door open time was delayed to be 7PM but nobody got the ticket till 6.40PM. Many people strongly complained them and asked them to call Top management here, finally someone came. I don’t know her but her re-act was unprofessional. She said she don’t have ticket, only Ticketmaster staff have!! I know but you are organizer, you should tell me how to do. After many disputes, she gave some call. Then she said “you can get ticket at other counter!, it’s opened since 5PM!!!”  We had to run to other counter while it’s raining. JK entertainment is suck!!

My friend at VVIP missed her best queue (3 or 4) because many trouble; ticket, bag, umbrella!! JK has very poor management. Me & friends at general standing almost missed our queue too. We were at second row from fence (after VVIP). Festival hall is quite small, our location was good enough to see. My bad impression is Chinese boice around us. They came late but why they want to be front. They tried to pushed us to go to front row. Someone tried to take her friend who came late to stand with her front of me! They are all rude. They spoke in Chinese which I can understand a little bit and laughed. How impolite they are! Skip the poor impression to the show….

Show was great as always. Song list was same in Thailand except impromptu song for Melbourne (No special song for Thai Boice T___T). Yonghwa & Jungshin spoke a lot. It’s so cute with funny English. YH said “good day mate!!” wow!!! He teasted his fan by speaking Korean. ㅋㅋㅋ I saw many Korean attend this concert, most of part-time staff is Korean also. JongHyun was quiet as always, he will be more talkative for Korea & Japan Lives. MinHyuak is the best in English, he gave a promise to AussieBoice he will come back again. ㅋㅋㅋ He always gives promise like this to ladies around the World.

IMG_3389 IMG_2735IMG_3379 IMG_3393

YH solo part ‘Feelling’ was awesome. But I feel bad with some fan who took this time shouting “Jungshin! Jungshin!” How rude they are! This is YH solo part. I know there’re much fan of Jungshin in Melbourne because I heard they called Jungshin! Jungshin! all the times. I’m glad with him but it’s not time to express your support to him during other’s solo part? (This poor things happened in Thailand also, someone shout ‘Minhyuk’ during YH solo part ‘Feeling’)

YH is funny guy. He said “I’m King of dance in CNBLUE” **Ummmm….compare with you team mate, you’re absolutely King! LOL**  YH “Like usher, like Neyo, like Chris brown. I’m the best!” LOL!!!

2013.05.31 Aussie Aussie Aussie chant (BMinMEL)
2013.05.31 나란 남자 – YH&JS (BMinMEL)

Time flew so fast, concert went to the end. The last song was ‘I’m sorry’. It was great that all fans can shout fan chant loudly. I think boys are happy too.

Encore part;

Boys backed with official Bluemoon shirt as always. Shirt is free size, I think YH was fitted for the shirt now. ㅋㅋㅋHe should stop gain weight. If not, he cannot wear this official shirt anymore. LOL

IMG_3380 IMG_3390

Encore part was fun & fantastic with Hey You, Love Girl, You’ve Fallen For Me, Love. The most impressive moment was YH took our ‘Melbourne cap’ from my friend at VVIP zone. I think YH remember her. ^^ We had a shopping time during lunch before concert. We selected this ‘Melbourne cap’ for him and he took it! Lovely YongHwa!

Cr. on Pix
IMG_3052 IMG_2946 IMG_2945 IMG_3053

Show ended with ‘Try again, smile again’. We sang together loudly. CNBLUE said thank you to everyone many times.

IMG_3177 IMG_3391

2013.05.31 Bluemoon in Melbourne (Ending)

Song list:

  1. Where You Are
  2. Get Away
  3. One Time
  4. Man like Me
  5. Coffee Shop
  6. Have A Good Night
  7. Wake Up
  8. Love Light
  9. Feeling
  10. These Days
  11. Y,Why
  12. La La La
  13. Just Please
  14. Tattoo
  15. In My Head
  16. Intuition
  17. I’m a loner
  18. I’m sorry


  1. Hey You
  2. Love Girl
  3. You’ve Fallen For Me
  4. Love
  5. Try Again, Smile Again

After concert they tweet:

@CNBLUE_4 멘탈브레이커입니다. 와우~ 오늘 멜버른 공연도 정말 재밌게 잘끝났습니다~~!! 멜버른의 열기가 정말 뜨거워요! 시작부터 끝까지 춤추시는 여자분도 계속 생각나네요ㅋㅋ 내일 시드니 공연도 너무 기대됩니다!ㅋㅋ 그럼 저희는 체력보충을 충분히 하고 내일 시드니로 뿅~!! 굿나잇 http://twitpic.com/cuhl65



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