2013.06.01 Bluemoon in Sydney

2013 CNBLUE BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR Live in Sydney, Australia

Date : June 1st 07:30 pm
Venue : Big Top Sydney, Sydney

Although they just finished lives show in Melbourne on 31 May, CNBLUE took early flight to Sydney next day to have another lives show. Actually, there was only lives show in Sydney but they add one more lives in Melbourne (Organizer said: “Due to high demand and the success of ticket sales for the Sydney Concert, we have some great news for you all!! CNBLUE has decided to add one more stop on their World Tour and has announced they also want to go to Melbourne!” >> But ticket was still available :P)


1 June : D-Day for Bluemoon in Sydney

CNBLUE took morning flight from Melbourne to Sydney. Few fans came to see them at Airport, they looked sleepy but still waved hand to all.

IMG_2782 IMG_2780

It was terrible moment at Sydney Airport. Same as Melbourne Airport, anyone can enter Domestic Sydney Airport. So lots of fan waited them at Plane gate! Security system was quite poor. Many AussiBoice attacked them. It’s crazy!! I don’t like it!!

Blue boys left Airport and directly went to concert venue. I’ve known later that they have closed Press conference. And they had rehearsal later.

IMG_2857 photo6

[If you need only CNBLUE fan-act, you can skip these 2 paragraphs. It’s my complaint about unprofessional organizer]

Big Top Sydney is in Lunar Park, Amusement Park. They have nice view of Opera house & Habour Bridge. Unlucky, weather is poor on that day. It’s raining and windy. JK entertainment was still poor. I mean they’re suck!! Everybody must queue outside the hall in same line. Lots of fan queued for over 5 hrs in wet & cold. Door open time was late, too much late. The first audience entered hall after 7PM. Queue was so slow by their poor management. I didn’t not understand why did they manage one queue line for every zone?. We had to enter one by one. After 7:30, I saw from twitter that concert already started. That’s shit! How come the concert has started while thousands of audience are still outside the hall!!! JK staffs are suck too! When I told them they said “yes, already started!” They didn’t care, didn’t take any responsibility. They said “It’s just a show!!” Yes, it’s just a show that we used lots of money for Air ticket, Hotel, Concert ticket etc. We used our big amount for your country! JK, you are shit!
Finally, we entered the hall at “Coffee shop” song. We missed 4 songs already!! We paid full but we got less than we paid. I’ve heard that someone entered after 6 songs!!! JK staff said “You come late!!” It’s not true, everybody followed your words. Everybody queued as you told. But you are unprofessional, you didn’t know how long to take all those 2000 people to the hall in time. But you said it’s our fault. JK entertainment, you are unprofessional company as I’ve ever met.

CNBLUE rocked the hall with “Coffee shop” but I’m still angry. Poor me! Anyway, cute YH can make me happy finally. We’re in VVIP zone but we could not be the front line. So I chose to stand at back. It still closed enough to see them. Yonghwa danced all the time. He’s crazier than yesterday.

photo5 photo7 BLq8A0uCcAIiPPW BLqxBblCQAIZmrO

They still talked about steak (I wondered if they really had steak? Because I saw them had Korean food every day :P) Talk part was almost same script but it’s still funny. Yonghwa said same script about his dancing skill but he’s too shy to say he’s the best (like he said in Melbourne LOL ).

I laughed like crazy when Yonghwa said “Thank you, Thank you… T..H… Thank you” He’s joking by having pronunciation ‘TH’ with tongue. So cute… ^^ Jungshin chanted ‘Aussie Aussie Aussie’ again. Feel like we are in stadium. LOL

Aussieboices sang along with them loudly. They’re surprised the audience can sing ‘Love Light’ in Korean Lyric fluently. WOW!! (Again, most of them are Asian!) Yonghwa said “Two Thumb up!!” ha ha ha.

*In negative point, man behind me laughed with every English word of YH. He repeated every word & sentence and laughed. Do you think it’s too much? How do you feel if you try to speak Korean and Yonghwa laugh at you every word.* My English is not good too. Don’t laugh at me!

Encore part
They backed with official shirt and rocked the hall again. Yonghwa kept saying I love Sydney & Thank you. He’s really happy. We’re happy too. Jonghyun kept quiet but his guitar solo was quite hot! His hair fell down to close his eye was so sexy! I feel sad for Minhyuk, this world tour haven’t MH solo part. I think MH is a good singer but he doesn’t have chance to show his talent for this world tour. I hardly see him behind his drum.
MH took selca with members at the end.

photo4 WIMG_2916Wphoto Wphoto3 Wphoto2 IMG_2936

They tweet that pix….I tried to show my banner. Yeh!… Can you see it? ㅋㅋ

@CNBLUE_4 여러분!!! 드디어 호주 공연이 모두 끝났습니다! 오늘 시드니 !!! 정말 뜨거웠어요! ㅋㅋ 헬로~우 싣니~ ㅋㅋ 멜버른에 이어서 시드니도 비가 내리네요. 제가 비를 좋아해서 비도 응원해주는 것 같아 기분 좋네요!ㅋㅋ 한국은 지금 어떤가요? 전 시드니를 즐기고 돌아갈게요! 이상 정용화 특파원이었습니다. 소류ㅣ질러!!!! (이거 오타아닙니다)ㅋㅋ 뿅! pic.twitter.com/IyOTgKxCve


They had photo shoot on next day. I don’t know this photo shoot for what? May be for Special edition DVD or for new single / album |O|

Only Junghin backed to Korea on 3rd. I think he had drama shooting schedule. 3 members had private time at the beach. They’re out of town.

Last day in Sydney, they’re shopping & sightseeing. Lucky fan found Minhyuk at David Jones shopping mall. It’s on sale, we’re there too (but we did not meet him. T___T)

3 members backed to Korea on 5th June. We left Sydney on that day also. Because it’s early morning flight, they looked sleepy (again). Our flight to Thailand closed their flight, so we can check in the same time. YH & MH had a happy shopping time. They bought 3 Model cars. YH took 2, one orange Lamboghini & one red Ferrari. While MH took only one Ferrari. ㅋㅋ I hope they have free time to play it!

Wsnapshot20130613013348 Wsnapshot20130613013141

WDSC_3372 WDSC_3373 WDSC_3374 WDSC_3375 WDSC_3381 WDSC_3382 WDSC_3390 WDSC_3394WDSC_3395 WDSC_3396

My impressive memory for this trip is my birthday gift to YongHwa. He used sneaker I gave him during Sydney trip. He used it in concert also. He still used it almost every day in Sydney and wore it the day back to Korea. ^^ I’m very happy that he likes it.


One thought on “2013.06.01 Bluemoon in Sydney

  1. I totally agree with the complains about the venue. Luckily, I waited in line for nearly 7 hours in the rain, and I get a good front row spot of GA. But unfortunately, I did take photos of them at the end of the show but the guard was like “delete it!” And so I did. Any memories of them is only watching their live, nothing include photos. I mean, the show has ended! They still told me to delete the pictures. I bet that guy ask me to delete them is the lead of the security crew. It was really badly organise! I was standing front row of GA but still, the space between the stage is too far. And they should give all the interviewers, cameraman further front row than putting them in the middle. I was at Jonghyun’s further side. I was standing beside the Vip stand entrance which annoys me. I also really wanna scream my lungs out with this concert but I have to perform the next day, so I save my voice (my performance was cancel due the rain! I regret it!). The next time I’m going to cnblue concerts, I rather go to seoul or japan. Anyway, your review was fantastic. I was surprise how long was the line up.

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