2013.06.27 ParkShinHye in Thailand

ParkShinHye had her 1st Fanmeeting In Thailand on 29 June 2013. She arrived SVB airport on Thu.27 June and had press conference that afternoon, then went to Thai TV3 channel to record interview for morning news (RuengLaoChaoNee). I went there and met her outside building. She’s so beautiful, nice, lovely, friendly.

Fan meeting was held on Sat. 29 June at Paragon hall. There were many clips from her friends to celebrate her 10th anniversary which are Yonghwa-CNBLUE, Hongki-FTIsland, YoonSiYoon, LeeSuengki, GuenSeok&Team H and the final LeeMinHo who will be co-actor with her in new drama, Heirs. Special project from Thai Star Light Angel made she cried. Thai Star Light Angel had special project for 2 years anniversary for Heartstring by holding paper “행복 한 2 주년 ❤ HEARTSTRINGS” (Happy 2 year Anniversary Heartstrings) during  ‘The Day We Fall in Love’ which is Ost. from Heartstring. And special clip from Thai fan at the end with holding paper”우리 서로 별이 되어주길” (Let’s we are stars for each other??, not sure). It’s touchy ^^ [Special clip from Thai fan > [Kiss of Angel in Thailand] The Journey of The Star – การเดินทางของดวงดาว http://youtu.be/ruiywGQsq0s   Cr.ParkShinhyeThailand FB

She also sang 1 Thai song. Unlucky me, I couldn’t join T___T

She had many event & charity schedule during 4 days in Thailand. I’m too busy to meet her everyday, so sad. I couldn’t go to fan meeting also. T___T I gave my ticket to friend. She said PSH is so cute, lovely and funny.

27 June: Press conference at Imperial Queens Park Hotel
27 June: Interview Recording at Thai TV3
28 June: Interview at Thai TV7
28 June: @Siriraj Hospital to respect our beloved King
28 June: @National Cancer Institute : Donate money from Auction
29 June: 2013 Park Shin Hye Asia Tour, Kiss of Angel in Thailand

Some pix & clip from me & friends & official web. ^^

Press conference at Imperial Queens Park Hotel. Cr.talkertain.com & pingbook.com

PSH with Sorrayuth from Sorrayuth IG ^^
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PSH at Thai TV3
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 At Siriraj Hospital to pay respect our be loved King & Queen

2013 Park Shin Hye Asia Tour, Kiss of Angel in Thailand
Date: 29 June 2013
Venue: Paragon hall, Siam Paragon

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2013070113726583903kcg 201307011372658435dvqr

Clip from @AppleRella

PSH with Charoen Sae-Choo, MC
CR.Charoen Sae-Choo FB

Her tweet after fanmeeting.

@ssinz 29 Jun
웃었다 울었다 웃었다 울었다 내 혼을 쏙 빼놓은 태국의 많은 팬 여러분 덕분에 오늘도 난 행복한 사람이란걸 다시한번 느낍니다.
감사합니다… 랑나쭙쮸웁~~!! pic.twitter.com/OJlQTWLAVH

@ssinz 30 Jun
덕분에 즐겁게 지내다가요.
좋은 추억이 되었길바래요..^^
고맙습니다.. pic.twitter.com/dVGtzuniqU


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