2013.08.15 CNBLUE Zepp tour 2013 【大阪】Zepp Namba

CNBLUE break their ‘Bluemoon 2013 World Tour’, then started their ‘Summer Zepp Tour’ in Japan at Sapporo and continued to Nagoya, Fukuoka, Tokyo and Osaka.

CNBLUE Zepp Tour 2013(タイトル未定)
【北海道】Zepp Sapporo
7月24日(水) 開場 17:30 / 開演 18:30
7月25日(木) 開場 17:30 / 開演 18:30
【愛知】Zepp Nagoya
7月29日(月) 開場 17:30 / 開演 18:30
7月30日(火) 開場 17:30 / 開演 18:30
【福岡】Zepp Fukuoka
8月1日(木) 開場 17:30 / 開演 18:30
8月2日(金) 開場 14:30 / 開演 15:30
【東京】Zepp Tokyo
8月6日(火) 開場 17:30 / 開演 18:30
8月7日(水) 開場 17:30 / 開演 18:30
【大阪】Zepp Namba
8月14日(水) 開場 17:30 / 開演 18:30
8月15日(木) 開場 17:30 / 開演 18:30

It’s very hard to find the ticket due to they gave priority to official member and public sale site it’s quite difficult for me to buy. Finally I got the last day ticket 15 August at Namba, Osaka.

It’s very good time for me because I already have traveling plan in Japan around that week. I just adjusted my plan to be suited with concert day. Actually, my first day in Tokyo is the day that CNBLUE was on Summer Sonic Stage. But I can’t find the ticket also.

Zepp namba 1st day was quite fun, read from FA. I highly expected with my turn. ^^ This is my first experience for Zepp tour. Place is not quite big, I got seating at 2nd floor.

The Concert style of Zepp tour is quite different with World tour. The good thing is they play many songs from Japan Single/Album. I had never seen live show of their Japan work before. It’s great! They look like J-Rock band, play hard.

Yonghwa had less dance step. He only sang and played guitar. The talking part was longer than World tour. Japanese is 2nd language for them, especially for Jonghyun. JH was much talkative. MH was so quiet behind drum. JS looked tired, may be because of his tight schedule with Drama during tour concert. Anyway, YH & JS teased each other many times. JS said he is YH’s fan, then MH raised his hand and said ‘me too’. YH had a big smile and laughed. ^^ (JS flew back to Korea alone after Summer Sonic while others stayed at Osaka few days before Zepp Namba. That’s why he looked tired, I think.)

My Japanese skill is poor, I can understand some part. Anyway, it’s fun. YH & JH always teasted each other. YH started climb up the drum stage, JH followed him then JS was there too. So everyone went to join MH. I love this scene. I love ‘I’m sorry’ in J-Rock style and ‘Lady’ live is very nice also.

Encore part: JH whispered YH. Then YH went to say something with MH and whispered JS too. Last, YH went to say something to staff on stage. Everybody nodded their head and then they stared ‘Wake up’. It’s extra song for last live of Zepp tour. It’s not in song list for other show in Zepp tour. Thank you JH!!!

I like Zepp tour.

Set list for Zepp Namba Day 2

1. Where You Are
2. In My Head
3. Time Is Over
4. Let’s Go Crazy
5. Don’t Care
6. Greedy Man
7. Try Again, Smile Again
8. Eclipse
9. Y,Why
10. Blind Love
11. Robot
12. Coffee Shop
13. I’m Sorry
14. Lady
15. Wake Up
16. Teardrops In The Rain
17. Starlit Night

25560821-135749.jpg 25560821-135803.jpg 25560821-135846.jpg 25560821-135855.jpg 25560821-135912.jpg 25560821-135948.jpg 25560821-140010.jpg 25560821-140028.jpg

Official Photo


16Aug-Namba-3 16Aug-Namba-3a 16Aug-Namba-6 16Aug-Namba-4 16Aug-Namba-5

2 thoughts on “2013.08.15 CNBLUE Zepp tour 2013 【大阪】Zepp Namba

  1. รบกวนหน่อยค่ะ กำลังหาตั๋วคอนอารีน่าทัวร์ 1-2 พ.ย. นี้แต่หาซื้อไม่ได้เลย พอรู้วิธีหาซื้อตั๋วมั๊ยคะ

    1. ตอนนี้เป็นสิทธิ์ของ official fanclub Boice Japan ก่อนค่ะ
      apply ไปจะประกาศผลวันพุธนี้ (วันที่ 9) ว่าใครจะได้ที่ไหนบ้าง
      ต้องรอดูหลังวันที่ 9 ค่ะ ว่าเหลือที่ไหนยังไง จะเปิดขายยังไง

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