2013.08.24 Bluemoon in Malaysia

Event: CNBLUE 2013 World Tour Live ‘Bluemoon in Malaysia’
Venue: Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur


After 1 month World Tour break, they restarted with ‘Bluemoon in Malaysia’ on 24 Aug. 2013. Boys arrived Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in the evening on 22 Aug.

Lots of Boice waited them at gate, including me. 😛 I don’t understand why somebody tried to attack them, why didn’t they only gave their gift/present. So Security guard was quite hard push to everybody.

By the way, I really thanks to YongHwa. He tried to grab my bag. Finally, he got it

Unt-01 Unt-02 snapshot20130826213204 snapshot20130826213339

photo IMG_6319

23 Aug. Event & Press & Fanmeet

I got surprise information from friend that ‘CNBLUE will have small event at Samsung Shop, Garden mall’. We were actually at Petronas Building,  we were in a rush and took a cab to Garden mall. Lucky us, schedule was delayed around 1 Hr.

We were allowed to stand in front of shop, we could see their activity clearly. Boys look great. They were bright & awesome. Yonghwa gave big smile to fan and blew kiss many times. How sweet you are!

IMG_5979 IMG_5987IMG_6004 IMG_5986

082313 CNBLUE visits Samsung shop in KL : Yonghwa feels so good : By [APPLERELLA]

JongHyun gave big smile too. JungShin & MinHyuk waved hand to fan and JS gave V-sign for us for taking picture too. Cute ^^

Next event was Press conference & Fanmeeting, They were not public event. Some official photos can found in many sources. Cr. Fun in Korea.com & Kpopped.com


Press-1235464_10152172106703135_1538313865_n-300x450 Press-577303_10152172106118135_900996302_n-300x450 Press-1238126_10152172106383135_624002074_n-300x450 Press-1148791_10152172105153135_1490931905_n-600x399

988FM Interview

24 Aug. D-Day

We went to Stadium Negara at early afternoon to get our tickets from our good Malaysian friend. There was not much place to hang around, the weather was quite hot also.

We took photo with Banner and played game at Samsung booth to get the photo with nice CNBLUE backdrop. After that we queued for Moon zone, the place was very congested.


WIMG_6041 WIMG_6044 WIMG_6047 photo  WIMG_6062 WIMG_6077 WIMG_6056 WIMG_6053

Show started late around 10-15 minute, it was started by beatbox performance ‘Koujee’ (I don’t know him but his show is great.)

WIMG_6084 WIMG_6085 WIMG_6087 WIMG_6089

During the pre-con show, the project from MalaysianBoice is cover Moon Zone with big cloth!!! It took around 10-15 minute till Boys came. How pity they are!!!
It’s such a non-sense project. Why did they cover over 100 people in big cloth? It doesn’t make sense for Security, safety & healthy reason. And why can’t audience in Moon zone see the stage for 15 minute.

I did not support this project, not allowed them to cover me.


Finally they came! 4 boys came with big blue moon on screen. JH&MH wore sleeveless shirt, JS wore nice t-shirt and YH had jeans jacket. Show was hot since start!! Song list is same with previous Bluemoon.

WIMG_6092 WIMG_6096 Wsnapshot20130830124207

Wsnapshot20130830124307 Wsnapshot20130830182925

YH walked toward the passage way to end of Moon at ‘Naran namja’. He nodded head to us when he saw our Banner & Lighting board with his name. We’re very happy 🙂

This is my first time at Moonzone. It’s very good to see his funny acting & moment closely. He still is King of Dance!!! I love his dance skill.

JongHyun walked around Moon zone also. He’s glow in the dark!! Ha+++++++

JungShin did not walk many times as other Bluemoon. He walked to help Hyung cheer up audience for ‘Love Love Love’ & ‘Clap Clap Clap’. He’s very tall as I had difficulty to take his photo at close. Ha++++

They spoke in Malaysian word which I don’t understand. I’m very proud with them, they have to learn new words & sentences during World Tour.


IMG_6122 Wsnapshot20130830124502 Wsnapshot20130830180552IMG_6194 Wsnapshot20130830125547 WIMG_6130 IMG_6329

2013.08.24 BMMY – YH said ‘really really love you’

He’s still ‘King of Dance’!!
2013.08.24 BMMY –  YH King of Dance (Intuition)

YY-Dance-1 YY-Dance-2 YY-Kiss
.gif file

Encore part was special with fresh new song ‘Feel good’. It was released the day before concert. We’re very lucky to be 1st Boice to listen & see live. This song is fun. It’s much more fun when YH sing with over acting. Ha++++

IMG_6193 IMG_6200 IMG_6189 WIMG_6209 IMG_6210 IMG_6233 IMG_6196 IMG_6239 Wsnapshot20130830180039 IMG_6247 IMG_6254 IMG_6255WIMG_6226

Concert ended with ‘Try again, Smile again’.

Wphoto WIMG_6224

IMG_6218 IMG_6219 IMG_6252

Song list:

1. Where you are
2. Get away
3. One Time >> 2013.08.24 BMMY – One time
4. Naran namja
5. Coffee shop >> [APPLERELLA] 082413 BMMY: Coffee Shop YongHwa
6. Have a good night >> [FanCam] CNBLUE BLUE MOON in MALAYSIA – Have a Good Night : YH Focus By Tanny
7. Wake up
8. Love light
9. Feeling
10. These days
11. Y, Why
12. Lalala
13. Just please
14. Tattoo
15. In my head
16. Intuition >> [APPLERELLA] 082413 BlueMoon MY Yonghwa Intuition+I’m a loner
17. I’m a loner >> [FanCam] CNBLUE BLUE MOON in MALAYSIA – I’m a Loner : YH Focus By Tanny
18. I’m sorry >> [FanCam] CNBLUE BLUE MOON in MALAYSIA – I’m Sorry : YH Focus By Tanny
19. Hey you
20. Feel Good [First time live]!!! >> [APPLERELLA] 08242013 CNBLUE Blue Moon in MY: Feel Good_YH focus
21. Love girl
22. You’ve fallen for me >> [APPLERELLA] CNBLUE BLUEMOON IN MY: Jonghyun moon walk_Heartstring
23. Love >> [APPLERELLA] 082413 CNBLUE BLUEMOON Malaysia_ Love JS laughing at Yonghwa
24. Try again, smile again >> [APPLERELLA] 08242013 CNBLUE BlueMoon in MY: Try Again_YH focus

*** All clip NOT allow to re-upload ***

They tweeted & updated weibo after concert ^^

Twitter update
Weibo update


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