2013.12.18-19 2013 Arena Tour at Nagoya

Event: Arena Tour 2013 ‘One More Time’
Venue: Nippon Gaishi Hall, Nagoya

Nagoya is 4th city in Japan for 2013 Arena Tour after Tokyo, Osaka and Hiroshima. It’s raining on Concert day – -“. YongHwa may be like the rain but I don’t! It’s wet & cold.

W20131218IMG_1878 W20131218-IMG_1877 W20131218IMG_1928

First day we got 1st floor seats but it’s very far from stage. I couldn’t see them clearly. YongHwa said “God bless you” in low tone after intro music in the dark. It’s cool!
Set list was quite same as other Arena tour. I like ‘Wake up’ because they had solo part of MinHyuk & JongHyun. The series of “Have a good night/Coffee shop/ Wake up” was great. JH was talkative man in Japan as always. YH’s voice in 2-3 songs at the beginning was not good, it’s better when passed half way of the show.

Few moments I remembered:
– YH had hand sign of telephone talking and said “もし もし” after the ringing tone of the beginning of I’m sorry.
– YH told staff to turn on the light to see the audience and he said “会いたい…..ね。。。。” with sweet voice. MH teased him and said “会いたい…..ね。。。。” with more sweet.
– YH “I’m gonna go top of the World!!”
– JS was not much active on stage. But he jumped and turned around sometimes.

At encore part, YH talked about JS hobby – taking photo – I didn’t understand the whole story. And he said about Hongki injured at shoulder and need us to support him and wait him. Ad-libs song was about Nagoya & Arigatou. He sang these 2 words again and again in old melody.

IMG_1909 IMG_1911 IMG_1912 IMG_1913

We had 2nd Floor seats on 2nd day at JH side. Location was better than 1st day. At least I could see them closer. 2nd day had camera recording, they were fully dressed with Jacket. When they took off their Jacket, YH & JS teased JH about sweat on JH tummy. It’s very funny. JH looked chubby now. WOW…

JH said he is not funny guy but he try to be funny because of his fan. How sweat he is! Special song from YH still be only ‘Nagoya’ & ‘Arigatou’. But the real special song was Medley which I can’t remember how many song included. It was impressive! Anyway, YH sang FTI’s Sarang Sarang in those Medley too and talked about Hongki injured again.

Few moments I remembered:
– YH was very funny with punching trick. He punched to the camera when MH beat the drum. It’s very funny. LOL
– YH said something about “Lady”. I’m not sure, I heard only … あなた の Lady……, when he said “Gentleman” fanboy shouted “JongHyun”!!! All of them had a big laugh! Lady for YongHwa & Gentleman for JongHyun!!! Oh! haaaaaaa…..
– When JH said something with audience (most of them surely was women.), fanboy called his name. He’s stop talking and request him to say it again. Fanboy called his name again. He had a very big smile. LOL (Rocker need fanboy!)
– JH still teased MH about 「きれい」 & 「 かっこいい」.  

IMG_2044 W20131219Bb2_p3nIYAAvdUr W20131219Bb18t8wIQAA2PIQ W20131219IMG_2050 W20131219Bb3AQ41IUAEoElv W20131219Bb271GLIYAAzWbp W20131219IMG_2071 W20131219Image

Both day had ‘N Flying’ for opening show. They’re cool! perform their 3 songs in “Basket” single. I like this band also. After concert ended, 4 boys were at front of the hall to sell their CD and gave hi-five.


Kasadera station is quite small, only local train stop. 6-7,000 People backed home in the same time after concert was terrible!

Set List

  1. Blind Love
  2. Rain of Blessing
  3. Voice
  4. Kimio
  5. In My Head
  6. Have a Good Night
  7. Coffee Shop
  8. Wake Up
  9. One More Time
  10. Love Light
  11. Don’t Care
  12. Let Me Know
  13. Eclipse Robot
  14. I’m a Loner
  15. I’m Sorry
  16. Lady.


  • Get Away
  • You’ve Fallen For Me
  • Love Girl – 1st day / Love – 2nd day
  • Teardrops in the rain
  • Starlit Night

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