2013.12.20 CNBLUE at ICN back from Nagoya

They backed from Nagoya after Arena Tour and had SBS Gayo recording in evening.

Yonghwa received lots of present from his fan. Many many many gift. He carried all bags by himself although they’re very heavy. How lovely he is!

W20131220IMG_2452 IMG_2382

W20131220IMG_2073 W20131220IMG_2449 W20131220IMG_2454 W20131220IMG_2459 Bb6AlDmIgAARval Bb6EM1cIYAEunOA

Talking with Yonghwa made me excite. I completely forgot to use my camera to take a photo!. I just used my iphone! Poor me!

2013.12.20 CNBLUE at ICN:
Cr.Kukkik & iammanus http://youtu.be/bI0MdS6X_fs

122013 CNBLUE arriving Incheon from Nagoya: Yonghwa focused:
Cr.[APPLERELLA] http://youtu.be/BVTDWTq-Q7E

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