2013.12.21 ‘Present’ Fansign Event at Myeongdong

Event: ‘Present’ Fansign
Venue: Royal Hotel, Myeongdong


W20131221DSC_8279 W20131221DSC_8280 W20131221-44856 W20131221-44536 W20131221-45303 W20131221-1 W20131221-45500 W20131221-45928 W20131221-50054  W20131221DSC_8300


오래 앉아 있어 안 힘들어요?….. LOL


After fan sign completed, I think they known many inter boice came so YH tried to speak English too. But he didn’t know what to say. LOL….. Ummm…brella – -”
[20131221 CNBLUE fansign at myeongdong]
Cr.iammanus: http://youtu.be/FH6r5BlUFPw?a

122113 Yonghwa Merry X’Mas & HNY 2014! @ Present fansign in Myeongdong
Cr:[APPLERELLA] : http://youtu.be/BoL-m3lH7Qw?a 

122113 Jungshin kwiyomi @ Present fansign in Myeongdong
Cr:[APPLERELLA] : http://youtu.be/wzO7nSbpfHI

CNBLUE -Yonghwa arriving a hotel for Present album fansign in Myeongdong
Cr:[APPLERELLA] : http://youtu.be/FfV1uV7U5U4


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