My memories of Bluemoon

First World tour ‘CNBLUE BLUEMOON’ already ended, didn’t it? There’s no more schedule for their Worldtour. They took around 9 months for their 1st World tour, started from April 2013 to January 2014. There’re more than 20 lives performance over Asia, Australia, America & Latin America. I used much time for this Worldtour on 2013. Not all but as much as I can. Each lives is much quite different, depend on CNBLUE and Boice.

I didn’t attend any 2014 Worldtour but my sister, AppleRella did. She also had plan to go to USA on January. How lucky she is!! YH was very surprised when saw her at JFK Airport. She said YH was very happy in New York. He smiled and gave autograph to fan many times. JH also smiled and was very friendly. MH had very good English. They were great on stage at Time Square.

Schedule for Worldtour was tight sometimes. But the show must go on, they gave their all energy to every lives. I’m really proud of them that they tried to speak local language to service their fan. ^^

04.06 Taiwan – Date: April 6th – Venue: Taipei Arena (台北小巨蛋)
04.13 Singapore –  Date: April 13th – Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
05.04 Thailand – Date: May 4th – Venue: Impact Arena
05.10-11 Hong Kong –  Date: May 11th&12th  – Venue: Asia World Arena
05.25-26 Korea –  Date: May 25th&26th – Venue: Jamsil Indoor Stadium
05.31 Australia –  Date: June 1st – Venue: Festiv hall, Melbourne
06.01 Australia –  Date: June 1st – Venue: Big Top Sydney
06.15 Phillipines –  Date: June 15th – Venue: Smart Araneta Coliseum
06.29 Beijing  – Date: June 29th – Venue: Bejing Capital Indoor Stadium, China
08.24 Malaysia –  Date: August 24th – Venue: Stadium Negara in Kuala Lumpur
09.07 Guangzhou – Date: September 7th – Venue: Guangzhou International Sports Arena
09.30 Shanghai – Date: August 31st – Venue: Shanghai Stage (Shanghai Gym)
10.19 Indonesia – Date: October 19th – Venue: Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta
01.21 USA – Date: January 21st  – Venue: Best Buy Theater Times Square, NewYork city
01.24 USA – Date: January 24th  – Venue: Pasadena Civic Auditorium, Los Angeles
01.26 Mexico – Date: January 26th – Venue: Pepsi Center WTC, Mexico city
01.28 Peru –  Date: January 28th – Venue: Costa Verde Magdalena, Lima
01.31 Chile – Date: January 31st – Venue: Movistar Arena, Santiago

My few memories among Bluemoon 2013 Worldtour as below;

#BMSG – YH&JS had step dance for “I’m Sorry” during walking on moon stage. They’re so cute.
#BMSG – YH wore rilakkuma hat. He’s so cute.
#BMSG – JS wore fan cap with word ‘BOY’ (by front side with word ‘BOY’ was at back side). And he said “You’re a girl, I’m a boy!” He turned around to show word ‘BOY’ when he said boy. Damn cuteeee. Ha Ha.
#BMSG – MH’s stage can slide to front. We can see him clearly. When stage was slide back, YH pretended to be magician by pushing drum stage. So cute!
#BMSG – Their Ad-lib song looks like Latin song.

#BMBKK – YH was in dark mode. He had concert without soul, just sing and speak as script. He was a Robot! It makes me cry with deeply sad feeling and ask myself till now “what are we doing wrong?”
#BMBKK – No concert goods for giving to fan. No photo, no tweet to Thai Boice after concert. They also cancelled special song for Thai Boice.
#BMBKK – There’s special project for JH birthday. THBoice hold paper HBD JH during love light. He said WOW! and Thank you.
#BMBKK – YH grabbed dragon hat from my friend and wore it for few minutes.
#BMBKK – MH said he likes Thai food. He mentioned “Moo Satay (Pork Satay) & LodChong (Cendol)”. They are our food support for them at rehearsal night.

#BMMEL – YH spoke English well. YH&JS had Aussie chant with fan. YH said he’s King of dance. He said “Like usher, like Neyo, like Chris brown. I’m the best!”LOL
#BMMEL – Everybody shouted fan chant for  ‘I’m Sorry’. It was impressing.
#BMMEL – YH wore our ‘Melbourne cap’ that my friend gave him at stage. ^^

#BMSYD – Organizer is worse, we missed 4-5 songs because their poor organized. We couldn’t enter the hall on time.
#BMSYD – YH said he’s King of dance again.
#BMSYD – They said about steak but I heard they had only Korean food at Korea town near their Hotel. LOL
#BMSYD – They’re surprised that audience can sing ‘Love Light’ in Korean.  

#BMSYD – YH wore my sneaker I gave him at airport on stage. ^^

#BMPHIL – Had special event for YH Birthday. CNBLUE sang HBD together with Boice for their leader.  There’s MH’s birthday event also.
#BMPHIL – YH was very appreciated with special event for his Birthday, he sang Ad-libs song for PHBoice. He sang “Singapore’ instead of ‘Philippines’!!! Oh! He made a very big mistake. He said sorry manytimes. Poor YongHwa. Please forgive him.
#BMPH – YH had problem with his guitar at “I’m Sorry”. He grabbed microphone to sing and dance. I like this moment.

#BMMAL – First time of ‘Feel good’ on stage. YH had very cute acting with his song. It was so funny with his over-act.
#BMMAL – JH walked along moon stage many times. He’s glow in the dark!!
#BMMAL – YH dance step at the beginning of “Intuition’ was very cute (and funny. LOL)
#BMMAL – YH used his White falcon again. He ran along moonzone with the white falcon! It’s very heavy.
#BMMAL – YH gave flying kiss many many many times.

Sorry, only YH moment I can remember. 😛

Do you have any to add?…….



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