2014.03.08 “Can’t Stop” Fansign Event at Sinchon U Flex

Event: “Can’t Stop” Fansign Event 
Venue: 12th floor, the Jade Hall Sinchon U Flex

This’s 4th fansign event for 5th mini album “Can’t Stop” of CNBLUE. I failed lucky draw for this fansign. It’s poor that only 3 THBoice were lucky. Most of lucky Boice was Japanese. Anyway, my sister was one of 3 lucky THBoice. \*O*/ She’s very lucky girl. ^^

WIMG_3037 WIMG_3041 

WIMG_5154 8Mar-FS-842644784 8Mar-FS-842649717 8Mar-FS-842650633

After fansign, they went back to the van. Most of fanclub waited to see them along the walkway. But group of Chinese Fan approached them and tried to give a present to them and touched them.

WIMG_3046 WIMG_3049WIMG_3050 W_NN

2014.03.08 014.03.08 CNBLUE at Shinchon Cr.Kukkik


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