2014.03.09 “Can’t Stop” Fansign Event at Myeongdong

Event: “Can’t Stop” Fansign Event
Venue: Seoul Royal Hotel, Myeongdong

I’m always lucky with Myeongdong fansign (it’s same location with ‘Present fansign’ last year). This time was much more lucky because I got 2nd row and center seat. By the way, YH looked tired. Only JS was so funny during event, he made funny acting and joking.

WDSC_8790 WIMG_5192 WWIMG_3155 WIMG_3149 WIMG_3147 WIMG_3157

WIMG_3071 WIMG_3142 WIMG_3093 WIMG_3110 WIMG_3113 WIMG_3128

WIMG_3073 WIMG_3068WIMG_3104 WIMG_3105 WIMG_3078 WIMG_3081 WIMG_3159 WIMG_3076 WIMG_3121 WIMG_3144

They all signed on banner backside before leaving. Lucky woman got this big banner!! WoW! (By the way, it should be given by CNBLUE, not staff)


WDSC_8799 WIMG_3171 WIMG_3172 WIMG_3179 WIMG_3184


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