2014.03.27 FTISLAND at Suvarnabhumi Airport

FTISLAND arrived Bangkok on afternoon 27th March for “2014 FTISLAND 6th ANNIVERSARY CONCERT (FTHX) LIVE IN BANGKOK”.

Lots of Primadonna waited them around arrival gate. Hongki was the first one outed, he took video fanclub with his smartphone. He turned around 360° while recording, he uploaded instagram later. How lovely he is. Jaejin waved hand along the way (Like Miss Friendship. LOL). Other 3 members just walked calmly.

WIMG_4726 WIMG_4729 WIMG_4734


360° Camcorder ㅋㅋ

Mr. Frienship ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Hongki’s Instagram with clip he took http://instagram.com/p/mCVvsuSn0P/

They went to Thai TV Channel 3 for special interview recording with Mr.Sorrayut at the evening (for Morning News.) This interview broadcast the early morning next day.

[Pic] 140328 Sorrayuth’s Instagram @sorrayuth9111
bbde422eb61311e386c30e77cf9111d5_8 1d65c792b63711e3a8080e78bfefbac0_8 6eb69ad4b67511e3afc612cd81b9cc59_8 aa1ddfe6b70c11e396201228ce4a3274_8 acab63e2b7f111e3a47a127177f7ba2e_8
[Pic] 140327 Kun.Kueng’s Instagram (kueng_chalermchai) [Organizer]
Bju9dlRCAAAJCuu Bju9iY3CAAIAh_v


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