2014.03.29 FTHX in BKK

Venue: Bitec Bangna (Hall 106)

I decided to join the concert in last minute. And I’m very glad to do. The concert was great as I expected!!!

They’re all in relaxing style. JongHoon with short pants!! I like their style, not uniform. Hongki was great performer. His voice was great! He sang and danced and ran around the stage. He said “everything is good except the stage doesn’t have runway to be closer with their fan”.

Hongki had many funny moment. When he saw the project of Blue FT & Red Heart ❤️at seating stand, he said “So beautiful, Fucking beautiful!!” < http://instagram.com/p/mIhPrpHPp1/ > I can touch that he loves his fanclub very much. He expressed his appreciation for every special project we did. Primadonna had many projects for them. Hongki said he saw many special projects and asked “how long have you prepared for those many projects for us?”

Jaejin was very fun on stage as always. SeungHyun & JongHoon was great guitarist. MinHwan kept quiet but when he said something fanclub scream so loud!!  < http://instagram.com/p/mISlTAnPtl/ >

Hongki said “I’m a pig” and pulled his shirt to show his tummy. But he found his zipper was opened!! LOL!

Everybody can speak Thai but I didn’t understand what they said!! LOL < http://instagram.com/p/mIiE84HPra/ >

Primadonna prepared birthday cake for JH late birthday. We sang HBD song together. It’s so impressive for him.

I can say this is my most impressive concert of 1st quarter in year 2014.

WIMG_5770 WIMG_5772 Bj56VIIIMAAWEPI Bj57CsJIcAA1zuH Bj5LLNaCAAAgWgO Bj5L2VjCQAAaJv4 Bj5I_EzCAAEUeZI Bj5L2atCEAAfdDL 846042982 846062384 846059641 846072187 IMG_5828 WIMG_5871 WIMG_5875

 2014.03.29 FTHXinBKK – I wish at http://youtu.be/n9szec_VRSw

2014.03.29 FTHXinBKK – I hope at http://youtu.be/EBnsWU36ZB4

Jaejin Instagram
saico0111 : our #asia#tour#finish! thanks a lot!!

Hongki Instagram
skullhong12 : #Fthx ftisland aisa tour concert finish thank youguys!!!

skullhong12 : Bye

Hongki Twitter
@skullhong Mar 29
하트와 ft이벤트 이쁘네요 이런건 처음이네 ㅋ방콕을 마지막으로 fthx concert asia tour 끝이났습니다!! 감사합니다 이제부터 시작이라고 생각합니다 고맙습니다 행복했습니다 조만간 또 만듭시다! pic.twitter.com/357yr0ZW9l

same pic in FTISLAND FB : Thanks Thailand! Beautiful fan event- red heart & blue ‘FT’

SuengHyun Twitter
@chungxuan : 잠깐 이였지만 빨리 지나간 태국!! 비행기탔는데 뭔가 ..아쉽네 … 우리 태국팬분들 넘 미친듯이 잘놀아서 완전 재밌었어여 또 올게요 안뇽태국!!!! pic.twitter.com/vQPvxexPUa

Official pic. Cr.FTISLAND FB

Official pic. Cr.411

 Song list:
  1. Flower rock
  2. Let it go
  3. Wanna go
  4. Hello Hello
  5. Memory
  6. Paper plane
  7. Falling star
  8. Always with you
  9. I confess
  10. Madly
  11. Severely
  12. Theory of happiness
  13. Time to
  14. Top secret
  15. Freedom
  16. Beloved
  17. Black chocolate
  18. Revolution
  19. Love sick


  1. I wish
  2. I hope


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