2014.04.04 KimWooBin 1st FanMeeting in Thailand (Press)

Event: 2014 KimWooBin The 1st FanMeeting in Thailand ‘Love at First Site’ : Press Conference
Venue: 1st Floor Eden zone, CentralWorld.

A press conference for the Kim Wu Bin first time in Bangkok Meet&Greet, an actor from Korean series The Heirs, tickets are sold out within ten minutes. Korean fans get ready for the Fan Meeting on 4 April at 1st Fl., Eden Zone, CentralWorld.

source: centralworld.co.th

KimWooBin got very high popularity in Thailand from series “The Heirs”. Actually they already got many fans from “A Gentleman’s Dignity”. But character “ChoiYongDo” in The Heirs was much more important and charming.

Unbelievable, all 2,500 tickets for his 1st fan meeting in Thailand sold out in 15 minutes!! Then they announced the additional event and it was sold out too!!

I went to press conference. It’s amazing that there’re lots of his fan waited him since morning while the event started on 6PM! They’re on GF, 2F & 3F fully.

The event was perfect because of very good translator, Khun Joy. She translated every words of MC so Woobin understood and had same feeling with everyone. Woobin was very gently & polite. He answered many questions with confidence & calm. He gave a big smiled and said many good words when MC asked about the relationship between him & JongHyun, CNBLUE. [ 140404 KIMWOOBIN talk about LeeJongHyun (CNBlue) & LeeJongSuk Cr.KiKGiG PuLaR YT ]

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Cr. http://music.mthai.com/news/newsasia/185983.html
คิมอูบิน-press-con-06คิมอูบิน-press-con-05 คิมอูบิน-press-con-19 คิมอูบิน-press-con-13


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