2014.04.19-20 2014 CNBLUE LIVE ‘Can’t Stop’ in Seoul

Event: 2014.04.19-20 2014 CNBLUE LIVE ‘Can’t Stop’ in Seoul
Venue: Jamsil Stadium

We had silent concert due to respect to the victims of the recent tragedy, the sinking of the ‘SEWOL’ ferry past month. I still went to Korea because every booking had already paid. If concert would be canceled or postponed I could accept. Lucky me, it was proceeding due to many big effect to cancel or postpone in sudden period. So, there was not any decorative at venue. Only big board was hung at hall.

CNBLUE came out to had some respective speech for this tragedy. It was very difficult for them to proceed the live tour but the show must go on. The show was great! Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Jungshin and Minhyuk were  professional. Show was really appreciate.

We, Boice, were agree not to release anything about concert. We didn’t want CNBLUE to get any pressure. Thanks to Boice.

Over a month after the sinking of the Sewol ferry, divers are still trying to find the bodies of missing people. Pray for Korea.

By the way, I didn’t take any photo or clip for this concert. Some pic came from my friend as credit.


 WWIMG_6464 WWIMG_6526 WWIMG_6468 WWIMG_6604 WW20140522114350 WW20140522114452

WW20140522114531 WW20140522114619

Song list

Time Is Over
Daimond Girl
Rain of Blessing
Love Ride In The Rain
Cold Love
Coffee Shop
In My Head
Blind Love
Teardrops In The Rain
I’m Loner
I’m Sorry
Try Again Smile Again
Can’t Stop
Like A Child


Wake Up
Love Girl
Love Light

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