2014.05.03 CNBLUE “Can’t Stop in Bangkok” Press Conference

Event: CNBLUE “Can’t Stop in Bangkok” Press Conference
Venue: 8th Fl. Central World Live Room, Central World

Because the tragedy in Korea, Press Conference was changed from public to be closed. The venue was changed from outside to be 8th Floor.

They all spoke many Thai sentences Ex. Kob Kun Krub (Thank you), Narak Jung Loei (Very cute). Especially, YongHwa said many Thai – “Rak Na jub jub (Love you – with kiss sound ^^)” “Fan Thai Narak Jung Loei (Thai Fan is very cute)”. Minhyuk still said about Thai food same as last year. He mentioned Padthai, PooPadPongKaree (Crab in Curry sauce). Jungshin also said he liked Thai food. While Jonghyun said about fitness. Yonghwa kept leader image by saying with formal. He gave many times ‘Thank you’ word to fanclub & press. MC asked about work except new single of CNBLUE, YH said he will have solo work within this year. He teased fan if they will support his solo work, why screaming was so not loud. The atmosphere was much different from last year.

I attended the event in fan zone. Unfortunately, fanclub was not allowed to bring camera or any mobile phone to the event room. So I didn’t have any photo. T__T

WIMG_7054 IMG_7079 Press-Bns6HcaCUAAMwRs


Some Official Photo Cr.on pic

68 66 65 10374073_654754734594184_2852881188730832416_n 58 60 611 56 55 59 511 50 49

All photo from 411 >>

Posted by 411ent on Sunday, May 18, 2014

140503 CNBLUE “EST Presents 2014 CNBLUE LIVE-Can’t Stop in BANGKOK)
By talkertain

2014 CNBLUE LIVE – Can’t Stop in BANGKOK (Presscon.)

140503 CNBLUE LIVE in BANGKOK Press Conference ^^
By Tanny Boice


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