2014.05.04 est Presents 2014 CNBLUE LIVE – Can’t Stop in BANGKOK

Event: est Presents 2014 CNBLUE LIVE – Can’t Stop in BANGKOK
Venue: Impact Arena, Muangthong Thani

After my past year suffering, I went with highly expectation! My dream come true! “Can’t Stop in Bangkok” is greatest live performance of CNBLUE in Thailand I’ve ever joined. Although I don’t quite like the set list & script (as I felt with ‘Can’t Stop in Seoul’).

The “2014 CNBLUE Live – Can’t Stop in Bangkok” took place at the same venue and on the same date as last year’s “2013 Bluemoon World Tour Live in Bangkok”. Thailand was chosen as the 1st country for new Live tour after the kick-off in Seoul on April 19 and 20.


There’s not much activity front of concert hall because it’s still during the mourning over Sewol Ferry Disaster. Only some banner from sponsor & fanclub were there.

WIMG_7129 WIMG_7130

I accepted I focused at Yonghwa 90%. 4 handsome guys outed by left gate and walked along the walkway to center of the stage & stepped up the stage . They walked pass me closely. Yonghwa started with symbolic sentence “God bless you!”. They heated up the hall since 1st song ‘Time is over’ and continued with many their popular song.

WIMG_7156 WIMG_7160 WIMG_7161 WIMG_7171 W20140522002846 W20140522003019 W20140522003401 W20140522003434 W20140522004346 W20140522004426 W20140522004517 W20140522004657 WIMG_7186 WIMG_7187 WIMG_7188 W20140522002925 W20140522005109

Yonghwa was very cute, I fell into the trap of his charisma. He danced and screamed and shouted!!! Daebak!

2014.05.04 2014 CNBLUE Live ‘Can’t Stop’ in BKK – Cute YH talk By iammanus

2014.05.04 2014 CNBLUE Live ‘Cant Stop’ in BKK – I’m a Loner (intro) By iammanus

They spoke many Thai words. Especially Jonghyun, he spoke very long sentence! WOW! JungShin spoke very clear Thai accent. YongHwa came back to Bangkok with many new Thai words. It’s impressed! (I wonder if MinHwan teach him for “Rak na jub jub!” because MinHwan always says this for ThaiPri ^^)

140504 CNBLUE Can’t Stop live in BKK | Introduce Time By icelism krusata

They introduced themselves in Thai
JS: “Sawaddee Krub, Kid Tueng Pom Mai Krub. Sawaddee Krub Pom JungShin. Kid Tueng Puak Khun Mak Mak Krub. Kon Khun Krub.” (Hi, Miss me? Hi, I’m JungShin. Miss you very much. Thank you.)
JH: “Sawaddee Krub, Pom Chue JongHyun Rong Nam Lae Len Guitar Krub. Pee Tee Laew Puak Rao Mee Concert Tee Nee. Puak Rao Klub Ma Tee Nee. Kob Khun Krub.” (Hi, My name is JongHyun – Lead Vocal & Play Guitar. We had concert here last year. We’re back here. Thank You.) 
MH: “Sawaddee Krub, Pom Chue MinHyuk. Pom Tee Klong Krub. Kid Tueng Kon Thai Jung Loei. Wan Nee Ja SaNook Mak Mak. Kob Kun Krub.” (Hi, My name is MinHyuk. I’m Drummer. Really miss Thai People. Today will be really fun. Thank You.)
YH: “Sawaddee Krub, Pom YongHwa Rong Nam Lae Len Guitar Krub. Concert Nee Krang Tee Sam Tee Impact Area. Kob Khun Krub. We love you. Rak Took Kon.” (Hi, I’m YongHwa – Lead Vocal & Play Guitar. This is 3rd concert at Impact Arena. Thank You. We love you. Love all of you.)

050414 CantStop BKK_Blind Love By AppleRella

050414 CNBLUE CantStop BKK: JS speaks English By AppleRella

050414 CNBLUE CantStop BKK: Cute Min By AppleRella

CNBlue also kept the disaster in mind during the concert thanking Thais for their help and support and asking for continued prayers for South Korea. (Source: nation.com)

Yonghwa “A few weeks ago, there was a tragedy in Korea. Many Koreans are grieving. We know that many people in Thailand share the sorrow and prayers for Korea. We believe that we can give light for the people in sadness. We hope our music will be a light to them.”

CSBKK YH talk about a sunken furry tragedy By AppleRella

W20140522005400 W20140522005439 W20140522005821 W20140522005903

It’s totally unforgettable concert.

2014.05.04 2014 CNBLUE live ‘Can’t Stop’ in BKK – Ending By iammanus

W20140522010150 W20140522010054 W20140522010325 W20140522010455 WIMG_7215

Song list:


*** All clip not allowed to re-upload ***

Our supporting project in concert


Project for ‘Daimond Girl’

Project for ‘Can’t Stop’

Birthday Cake for JongHyun

10250096_10152387402807940_7811107905865883048_n 10264702_778208245537489_1642648850358383769_n

Official photo by 411 entertainment facebook  (62 pics.) >> Concert “est Present 2014 CNBLUE LIVE (can’t stop) in BANGKOK “

CNBLUE-Can’t-Stop-in-BANGKOK-53 (1) CNBLUE-Can’t-Stop-in-BANGKOK-59 CNBLUE-Can’t-Stop-in-BANGKOK-47 CNBLUE-Can’t-Stop-in-BANGKOK-05 CNBLUE-Can’t-Stop-in-BANGKOK-16 CNBLUE-Can’t-Stop-in-BANGKOK-14 CNBLUE-Can’t-Stop-in-BANGKOK-19 CNBLUE-Can’t-Stop-in-BANGKOK-15 CNBLUE-Can’t-Stop-in-BANGKOK-09CNBLUE-Can’t-Stop-in-BANGKOK-36 CNBLUE-Can’t-Stop-in-BANGKOK-25

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