2015.04.04 ‘One Fine Day’ in Bangkok

Event: One Fine Day in Bangkok
Venue: Thunder Dome, Muangthong Thani

WIMG_9381 WIMG_9382 WIMG_9383 WIMG_9384 WIMG_9467

Wsnapshot20150615000046 WIMG_9446 WIMG_9453 WIMG_9480 WIMG_9479 WIMG_9471

Yonghwa backed to  Bangkok with his 1st Solo Album ‘One Fine Day’. I worried about his concert alone in Bangkok. Actually, he did good job! Excellent Job indeed! He sang and danced and ran around the stage. He spoke many Thai words and sentences. Most of them is slang. Too cute….

Song list:

  1. 니가 없어도
  2. 추억은잔인하게
  3. Ryu Can Do It
  4. Checkmate : 2015.04.04 OneFineDay in BKK – Checkmate
  5. Super Sonic(cover/Oasis)
  6. You Give Love a Bad Name(cover/Bon Jovi): 2015.04.04 OneFineDay in BKK – You Give Love A Bad Name
  7. 마일리지(Mileage): 2015.04.04 OneFineDay in BKK – Mileage
  8. 마지막 잎새(Last Leaf): [APPLERELLA] 04042015 Jung Yong Hwa OFD Concert in BKK_마지막 잎새
  9. Like a Child
  10. 원기옥
  11. Can’t Stop : [APPLERELLA] 04042015 Jung Yong Hwa OFD Concert in BKK Can’t stop
  12. I’m Sorry
  13. Lady
  14. Man in front of the Mirror : [APPLERELLA] 04042015 Jung Yong Hwa OFD concert in BKK_Man in A Mirror
  15. 넌 내게 반했어
  16. Goodnight Lover


  1. 27Years : 2015.04.04 OneFineDay in BKK – 27 Years
  2. 별, 그대
  3. Love Light
  4. 어느 멋진 날 : [APPLERELLA] 04042015 Jung Yong Hwa One Fine Day Concert in BKK_One Fine Day

2015.04.04 OneFineDay in BKK – Ending


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