2015.05.30 One Fine Day in Singapore

Event: One Fine Day in Singapore
Venue: The Star Performance Art Center

This is my 2nd time for attending concert in Singapore. I came for CNBLUE concert 2 years ago, this time was Solo concert of Yonghwa. The venue was not same as last time. I think it’s because of the scale of Solo concert quite smaller than Band concert. Anyway, the Star Theatre is great. My seat was great also, front and center of stage. I really enjoyed the show.

WIMG_1594 WIMG_1591

Yonghwa gave us full power since first song. After 4 times attend the One Fine Day Concert, I can feel a bit change of show every time. I appreciated to listen many songs in different arrangement. Ex. Love light, Can’t Stop, I’m Sorry.

First part, he came with black suit with “니가 없어도”. Then he took off the suit, showed his muscle in black T-shirt and gave us great step dance. I know he tried to build his body to be fit & firm again. He goes to gym everyday. But please stop at the perfect body, I means not to be “..” like 2 years ago. And please don’t try to be tan, you’re very nice in white.


They replaced “Oasis-Supersonic” & “Bon Jovi- You Give Love a Bad Name” with “Maroon 5-Payphone” &”Bruno Mars – Treasure”. I loved it!! His dance step was impressed. I saw him laughing many times, I think he’s still a little bit shy. Don’t be shy, my dancing King!!
It’s very funny when he said he has very good English. Ha Ha… I know I know… His accent is great (too accent sometime…)

WIMG_1612 Wsnapshot20150616180820

Second part, he appeared with piano on upper stage, same script with previous show. After “마지막 잎새” & “Like a child” he came down and started dancing part again.

WIMG_1614WIMG_1631 Wsnapshot20150616003502 Wsnapshot20150616003525 Wsnapshot20150616004121

The funny time was Band introducing part. It was more and more fun in each concert. I have a big laugh all the times he introduce his JungYongHwa Band member. He also teased his stage boy when he came out to help him for mic. problem. It’s very funny. Ha Ha……

It’s already his symbolic for sticking 2 red hearts on his cheek in “Goodnight Lover”. He’s really cute with that ^^


Finally, we came to Encore part. He’s very good looking in Jeans and Concert T-shirt. I like his casual style. Sat on stool sang “27 Years” and “Star you” as always. It’s very great moment to see him sing with happy face.


Time flies to the end of show.

WIMG_1691 WIMG_1692

The show was good enough to impress. Yonghwa gave his full energy to the show. He showed his much talent on stage. I’m sorry with organizer that ticket sale was not reach their target. I know many fan of CNBLUE and Yonghwa didn’t go to the concert. I don’t understand why? That’s something FnC should learn “How to keep fan with your artist?”

Song list:

1. Without You
2. Cruel Memories
3. Ryu Can Do It : Ryu Can Do It – Jung Yong Hwa – One Fine Day in Singapore by Tanny
4. Checkmate
5. Payphone
6. Treasure : 2015.05.30 One Fine Day SG – Treasure (Cover)
7. Mileage
8. Last leaf
9. Like A Child
10. Feeling
11. Energy
12. Can’t Stop
13. I’m Sorry : 2015.05.30 OneFineDay in SG – I’m Sorry 
14. Lady : 2015.05.30 OneFineDay in SG – Lady
15. Man In Front The Mirror : Man In Front of The Mirror – Jung Yong Hwa – One Fine Day in Singapore by Tanny
16. You’ve Fallen for Me : 2015.05.30 OneFineDay in SG – Neon Naege Banhaesseo
17. Goodnight Lover : 2015.05.30 OneFineDay in SG – Goodnight Lover
18. 27 Years
19. Star You
20. Love Light : Love Light (Beautiful Love Light) – Jung Yong Hwa – One Fine Day in Singapore by Tanny
21. One Fine Day


[Other] He had happy time in Singapore….

Shopping Adidas ^^


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