Event: One More Fine Day
Venue: Olympic Hall, Olympic Park

After 15 Shows at 10 places for ‘One Fine Day’, the last show ‘One More Fine Day’ was held in Seoul at Olympic park to finish his first solo Asia tour concert .

I joined ‘One Fine day’ in Seoul, Bangkok & Singapore. To complete my support to him, I decided to join ‘One More Fine Day’ too. It’s impressed as I expected. YongHwa had many song new arranged and added few new song list for this show Ex. Let’s go crazy, Tattoo.  He also gave cover performances of Maroon 5’s “Payphone” and Bruno Mars’ “Treasure”.

One of great part was acoustic part with “Mileage”,

Boice surprised him with a cake to congratulate him on his successful 1st solo tour.

One Fine Day Tour was over…. with our good memory.

Song List

1st Part

  • 추억은잔인하게
  • Ryu Can Do It
  • Checkmate
  • Cold Love
  • Just Please
  • Tattoo
  • 마지막 잎새
  • Like a Child
  • feeling
  • Man in front of the Mirror

Acoustic Part

  • 마일리지(Mileage)
  • 27 Years

2nd Part

  • Payphone(cover/Maroon5)
  • Treasure(cover/Bruno Mars)
  • I’m Sorry+Lady
  • I don’t know why
  • Love Light
  • 넌 내게 반했어 + Love Light
  • Goodnight Lover


  • 원기옥
  • Can’t Stop
  • 별, 그대
  • 어느 멋진 날

[Special Encore] for 2nd day

  • 마일리지(Mileage)
  • 27 Years

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WMG_3107 Wphoto-(2)

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2015.07.18 One More Fine Day – Star, you

2015.07.19 One More Fine Day – Mileage