2015.10.24〜25 : 2015 CNBLUE Live ‘Come Together’ in Seoul

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Event: 2015 CNBLUE Live ‘Come Together’ in Seoul
Venue: Jamsil Indoor Stadium


CNBLUE started their new live tour for new album “2gether” at Shanghai on Oct., 2. 2nd station was live concert in Seoul. Venue was Jamsil Indoor Stadium, same place with Can’t stop live last year.

WIMG_6049 WIMG_6045

WIMG_6051 WIMG_6102



WIMG_6067 WIMG_6068

This new album was electronic pop, YH many songs stay at keyboard. Not sure if JH was sick, he didn’t much talked as I expected. YH climbed up to 2nd floor both day, lucky them. Many songs in concert song list came from Japan album.



W20151115024114 W20151115024417

W20151115025621 W20151115025642

W20151115025658 W20151115025713


Song list

1 – Domino
2 – Hide & Seek
3 – I’m a Loner
4 – Can’t stop
5 – Footsteps
6 – Love
7 – Roller Coaster
8 – Coffee Shop
9 – I’m sorry
10 – Lady
11 – Hero
12 – IRONY
13 – Stay Sober
14 – Realize
15 – Holiday
16 – Catch me
17 – Cinderella
18 – Radio
19 – Try Again, Smile Again
20 – Love light
21 – Hold my hand

WIMG_6127 WIMG_6164


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