2015.11.21〜22 : 2015 CNBLUE Live ‘Come Together’ in Hongkong

Event: 2015 CNBLUE Live ‘Come Together’ in Hongkong
Venue: Asia World Expo Arena




WIMG_20151121_171628 WIMG_20151121_181212

WIMG_20151121_181604 WIMG_20151121_181333

WIMG_20151121_181328 WIMG_20151121_181637 WIMG_20151121_174618

3rd step of CNBLUE 2015 Live tour was held in Hongkong at mid November. The venue, AsiaWorld-Arena, was same place of last 2 years 2013 Worldtour ‘Blue Moon’ in Hongkong. It’s very far from town but close to Airport.
Standig zone was quite loose. Most of fan was along the fence. But 2nd Fl. & 3rd Fl. stage was nearly full.


WIMG_20151121_213201 WS__4055044

JS tried to speak Cantonese with very long sentense. I don’t know any Chinese but I can feel his strong intention. YH was best among 4 guys, I think. He speak fluently. He said many words make HK fan to scream. MH also spoke Cantonese and English. I was surprised with JH long sentence too, he always speaks only Korean & Japanese with some English & Local language.

WIMG_20151122_203034_HDR WIMG_20151122_203051_HDR

WIMG_20151122_205353_HDR WIMG_20151122_205419_HDR

Set list was same Come together in Seoul. Concert Script was same too. We stand at B site both day. Our que was fair enough to reach the fence at extended stage. So we can see YH clearly few songs (5-6 songs as script).

2015 .11.21 Come2gether in Hongkong_Roller Coaster

2015.11.21 Come2gether in Hongkong_Coffee Shop

I think YH voice was not perfect. He can not sing high key tone sometimes. By the way, his dance skill is still good. I really think he loves to dance more than play guitar. – -“

2015.11.22 Come2gether in Hongkong_숨바꼭질 (Hide and Seek)

2015.11.22 Come2gether in Hongkong_Cinderella

He told fan to sing “Love Light”. How dare he is!!! How international Boice can sing Korean lyrics fluently the whole song. He laughed at loud & soft – loud & soft – loud & soft of fan voice. Some part was whisper! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ……

2015.11.21 Come2gether in Hongkong_Love Light

2015.11.22 Come2gether in Hongkong_Love Light

3 guitars&bass jam session in I’m sorry was great. JS, JH & YH were at end of extended stage. Love this part.

Song list:

1. Domino / 2. 숨바꼭질(Hide and Seek)/ 3. 외톨이야(I’m aloner)/ 4. Can’t stop / 5. Footsteps / 6. Love / 7. Roller Coaster /  8. Coffee shop /  9. I’m sorry /  10. Lady  / 11. Hero / 12. Irony / 13. Stay Sober /  14. Realize  / 15. Holiday  / 16. Catch Me /  17. 신데렐라(Cinderella)/ 18. Radio


19. Try again,smile again / 20. 사랑 빛(Love Light)/ 21. Hold My Hand


2015.11.21 Come2gether in Hongkong_Ending

2015.11.22 Come2gether in Hongkong_Ending

♡ END 

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