2016.01.16 2016 CNBLUE Live “Come Together” in Bangkok

Event: 2016 CNBLUE Live “Come Together in Bangkok”
Venue: Impact Arena, Muangthong Thani


CNBLUE held big concert in Bangkok again, 4th time of them in Impact Areana hall. It was 1st Come2gether Asia Tour of year 2016 after staring tour since last year with 3 show in 3 country; Shanghai-China, Korea & Hongkong . I was at end of extended stage, I can see only YongHwa clearly. JH&JS seldom came here, not like other country that they came to have long jam session. I realize YH love to dance more than play guitar, maybe it’s side effect form One Fine Day concert. Ha Ha…

Domino, 숨바꼭질(Hide and Seek),  I’m a loner, Can’t stop, Footsteps, Love, Roller Coaster, Coffee shop, I’m sorry, Lady, Hero, Irony, Stay Sober, Realize, Holiday, Catch Me, 신데렐라 (Cinderella), Radio
Try again,smile again, 사랑 빛(Love Light) , Hold My Hand




WIMG_20160116_194812 Come 2 Gether in BKK – I’m a Loner By BlueAngelsThai

2016.01.16 Come2gether in BKK-Roller Coaster_Coffee Shop_I’m Sorry_Lady  By BlueAngelsThai

2016.01.16 Come 2 Gether in BKK-Catch me By BlueAngelsThai

2016.01.16 Come 2 Gether in BKK-Cinderella  By BlueAngelsThai






2016.01.16 Come 2 Gether in BKK – 6th Anniversary CNBLUE By BlueAngelsThai

2016.01.16 Come 2 Gether in BKK – Love Light By BlueAngelsThai

12552731_1161189573906019_6194407988379065443_n 12438961_1161189580572685_572498196291987924_n 3730_1151248031566840_2097310185112152311_n


WPANO_20160116_175152 21596_1152290304795946_1504622435774399703_n-cut 21596_1152290304795946_1504622435774399703_n-cut2

12509591_959045120849283_5341994741903027358_n 12541058_1016835478363376_1930823022184059609_n

He crowned Thai Boice Project “Cinderella Crown” during “Cinderella” song. So cute…..

More photo from organizer, Feoh.com

1486566_959045500849245_2301569219292225785_n 12417859_959045314182597_1428754135336302530_n 12472681_959045570849238_8485677737688444876_n    12509450_959047584182370_1363753167607884946_n 12495025_959048090848986_6488728416139347442_n 12549049_959048967515565_7249973809181718399_n Feoh_CNBLUE_TU4_0339_PR-037 Feoh_CNBLUE_PBK_0861-002 12573050_959040877516374_2661945996072784974_n Feoh_CNBLUE_TU4_1132_PR-049  1933872_959040907516371_7012763758241482051_n Feoh_CNBLUE_PIMG_1919-027


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