2016.02.13 2016 CNBLUE Live “Come together” in Singapore

Event: 2016 CNBLUE Live “Come together” in Singapore
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

WIMG_20160213_152819 WIMG_20160213_153207

It’s lovely that they had concert the day before Valentine’s day.

The boys greeted fans with 新年快乐( happy new year) as it was Chinese New Year season in Singapore. Minhyuk was trying to speak in Hokkien dialect ’sure bo’ (“Are you sure?”)

Jungshin said 恭喜发财 and wanted red packet from fans and told them that he went to buy a ring at Orchard.

Source: koreanupdate.com

I love the way they tried to speak local language in any country. They’re cute & funny.

Min Hyuk: sure bo (really sure?), kamsia (thank you)
Jong Hyun: concentrate on me hor (just concentrate on me)
Jung Shin: xin nian kuai le, hong bao na lai (Happy new year, where’s my red packet), ready anot (are you ready?)
Yong Hwa: wa ka li gong (let me tell you), huat ah (to prosper), so difficult leh (it’s so difficult)

Source: kpopstarz.com

Song list was same as previous concert but Yonghwa improvised on the lyric by adding country name in many parts. It’s very impressive for their fan.

WIMG_20160213_185009_1 WIMG_20160213_195355

Special project was Crown wearing (same as in Thailand) & Colorful balloons. It’s very beautiful for colorful balloons project, CNBLUE was very appretiated.

WIMG_20160213_195143 WIMG_20160213_200012 WIMG_20160213_200038 WIMG_20160213_201046

2016.02.13 Come Together in Singapore – Encore

2016.02.13 Come Together in Singapore – Lovelight

2016.02.13 Come Together in Singapore – Ending


Set list
1 – Domino
2 – Hide & Seek
3 – I’m a Loner
4 – Can’t Stop
5 – Footsteps
6 – Love
7 – Roller Coaster
8 – Coffee Shop
9 – I’m Sorry
10 – Lady
11 – Hero
12 – IRONY
13 – Stay Sober
14 – Realize
15 – Holiday
16 – Catch Me
17 – Cinderella
18 – Radio
19 – Try Again, Smile Again
20 – Love Light
21 – Hold my hand

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