2016.03.20 2PM Concert in BKK “House Party”

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Event: 2PM Concert in Bangkok “House Party”
Venue: Impact Arena, Muangthong Thani

WIMG_7974 WIMG_20160320_183331



They sang Thai song again, it’s amazing! it’s fabulous!!

2016.03.20 2PM House Party in BKK-เหมือนเคย (Thai Song)

WIMG_20160320_193342 WIMG_20160320_202433 WIMG_20160320_204051

WIMG_20160320_204334 WIMG_20160320_204340

WIMG_20160320_204347 WIMG_20160320_204353

WIMG_20160320_204427 WIMG_20160320_204448




WIMG_20160320_205033 WIMG_20160320_205035

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